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Here are the first two poper smacktalk screenshots submitted, By Dalmont from Final Agony.

incidentally, this guy sent me some hate too x)

A fine example of cruise control for cool.

Does this generate a RL killmail?

82 Responses to “Smacktalk!”

  1. Weak Excuse Says:

    Yeah, right

    Against AFK/Macro miners? Bull, you fuckers just wanna shoot defenseless targets for fun. I have looked at most of your videos and once again there won’t be one video where you actually make contact with the miner and only kill if there is no responce.

    But being the brave souls that you are and with the same simpleminded outlook as most criminals, you will kill for your fun and then blame it on something else. You must be an american and your parents are OJ Simpson’s lawyers

    • Actually, I’m european.

      And you are a moron. \o/

      • Please, contact me trough e-mail, we got to talk 🙂

      • kingkongy Says:

        sorry forgot to mention easy way round this is dual or triple pointed hic corpie on gate catching reds you can kill legally anywhere without concord aggro so just hang near systemwhere kills are and get your selves some free -10 kills (need the script for hic otherwise no go)

        concord will even pop em for you so you dont need guns just points

    • Major PewPew Says:

      post with your main, fucktard

  2. Weak Excuse Says:

    Sticks and stones… I might be a moron but you are still a very brave sould for shooting at defenseless targets. Why, for fun don’t you shoot at concord?


      here, that’s what I do the rest of the year, and I can tell you now that almost all of those shot back.
      any questions?

      • Weak Excuse Says:

        So your defense is that you do “good” other times of the year? My point is still that you organise an event under the auspices of hunting AFK/macro miners, but that no effort is put in to check whether the miner is afk.

        It’s all cool though, go ahead. My text is not about stopping you. It’s about calling you a hypocrite. It’s about pointing out that you shoot defenseless targets and still have the audacity to brag and hand out prizes.

        I tried to participate last year because the afk/macro miners are a stone in my shoe, but the invitees to your event made it abundantly clear any miner will do. So my question is, why don’t you take all reference of cheating miners from your site and advertise it as it really is? Something along the line of “We kill miners for no other reason than having fun. It’s akin to clubbing baby seals.”

      • All I see is: “most destroyed: Pods. Ooh, so all you ever do is warp into a fleetfight and hunt for pods? True hero.

      • @lawlz you are pretty terribly at reading battleclinic, you must generally be terrible actually.

  3. Well being a carbear that is training for the pvp end I must say i love this event you have and the tears are already flowing it seem’s Don’t have the money to toss a way on gank ships yet but hopeing by the next one give the care bears something to watch and help teach them that high sec is not free money

  4. justthisguy Says:

    How is the cancer? Get well soon! 🙂

    I would just like to make an observation.

    Not all PvPers practice a proffesional attitude and in my experience they have nearly always tried to make it a personnal attack.

    It may start out simple enough, you know, name calling and such. Carebear, Noob, I was once called a Pokemon, Carebear Noob loser. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

    Then there is the next tier where they call me faggot, A**hole, Pussy etc.

    At what point should the shooter saying these things say to himself that this is only a game?

    And it goes farther with the ever popular “Go back to WOW” Or the endearing classic “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”

    Most combat lasts only a few moments with no chance to exchange game theory. Any shooter that shoots me down without any idea of the way that I play the game and then tells me to quit the game, that is the person who really does need to quit.

    If I look at an opponents stats and see that the toon is 3 years old and mine is 6 months old. It is painfully obvious that I would lose a fight against this person. Skill training, experience, isk, Navy issue ships and # of corp mates in system are all potentially stacked against me, I have no time for these people when they start flaming me.

    If gaming is so boring in three years that I have to attack every newb that I come accross with no chance of losing the fight, I believe that I will have the clarity of mind to quit the game.

    Somantics. The EVE EULA does not say that you have to engage in PVP, it implies that you may not be able to avoid it but it never says that you have to. In the same way a High sec system implies that the the area is relatively safe. So are the shooters that demend PVP in high sec overextending thier rights by saying that it is thier right to do so?

    It is my request that in your next Hulkageddon that you remind your shooters that this is a game and flaming of this sort is a poor way of playing the game no matter if it is the noob that just lost his baby or the shooter that can only watch as the Hulk easily slips back into station.

    Please tell me that you see my points.

    Topic is up for debate, not for argument.

  5. Fred Jessop Says:

    Well I was a miner, thought I might just be missing something so I joined into the whole Hulkageddon 2010 thing.

    What a load of morons you lot are, gangs of 4 and more in their ships ganking onto miners in their Hulks and Orca’s. Costing the miners to loose a good percentage of their profits to replace the ships. What did you make out of it? Not much by the time you’ve replaced your ships and equipment and your ready to Gank again. You could have made much more mining. That’s not to mention the loss of security rating and the constant threat of concorde,

    As a beginner try Ganking in low sec and you haven’t a chance no one lets you survive more than 10 mins, more ships down the drain. You Gankers or is it wan…er’s are only good in large groups, like the school bullies of old. On your own your nothing.

    Then there’s the loss of ore mined some idiots recon you can reprocess loot to make ships and stuff. Maybe you can for a month or so. Long term no chance I can make in an hour mining and refining the minerals it takes you a week to loot.

    Then there’s the ice miners would like to see you loot hydrogen or oxygen isotopes for your stations etc.

    2 weeks in a row I lost Mac’s, Hulks, Orca’s and Haulers. Took a chunk out of my profits but I am still in profit. Whats more I can manufacture my own ships.

    • Ken Garrick Says:

      Well said Fred, Power to the miners. Why don’t we prove our point after this farce mine by all means but sell no ore or minerals or manufactured goods for 2-3 months. we’ll see whos right.

      • Vigo Larcen Says:

        A noob in a raven running level 4s can produce more minerals than both of you.

        Keep crying into the jar, gentlemen and try not to spill.

    • Rafael Tonka Says:

      Fred – the point is that not everyone plays this game to make an isk ‘profit’. Profit can also be measured in ships killed vs ships lost – if you sit next to 5 ships mining into 1 can and kill them all, losing just 1 ship then the ‘profit’ is +4 killmails 🙂
      It’s a game, no more, no less, and a game should be played to have fun and laughs.
      If killing a few miners who take the game too seriously is seen as fun, then so be it.

  6. What Come Around Says:

    Wonder what it’d cost to have some merc outfit war dec you idiots? Or maybe hold a moron-ageddon and offer bounties on the top 50 killers and the CEOs of all the corps involved. Who’d be laughing then? 3B? LOL chump change.

    • OMG, please don’t put a 3B isk bounty on me. If you did that I would be ruined. Everyone would hunt me down! My corp mates would shoot at me!! Even my own alts would turn on me!!!! Whatever you do, please, please DO NOT PUT A HUUGGGGE bounty on my head. I won’t kill any more hulks, I promise, at least until I get home from work today.

  7. lol the killers would be as if you bounty them jump in to a jump clone have a driend kill the pod war deck a pvp alliance that love wardecks? you are giving them free fun shug’s

  8. Daemonspirit Says:

    You know, I kinda wanted to participate, but don’t want to take the sec hit (grinding that shit back up sucks a**).

    But seriuosly, after listening to you guys raging, I think I will create an alt, train up mwd/dessie/and Blasters IV and just join in the “orphans corp”.

    Srsly – LOL @ Ken Garrik – industrialists and other pvp’rs would *LOVE* you.

    Pro-Tip #1 – some of these guys are (without a doubt) industrialists, and would LOVE it if some of the competition fell out the bottom of the market. Might push up prices a full % point… But I doubt it.

    LOL @ Fred Jessup – insurance and cheap t-1 fits means that usually, a couple of t-2 mods will replace their losses. Besides, none of the pirates thought to bring an alt to scoop loot/salvage those t-2 wrecks… did they…


    Hulkageddon – keeping miners @ their keyboards, and on their toes… and that statement is made from a guy who’s spent hours watching lazers bore into ‘roids…

    • Weak Excuse Says:

      Well, just a little more hipocrisy. The killboard shows no losses. No-one had their ship destroyed by concord? Or will you only record losses if the poor miner manages to shoot back with a mining laser? Or are you hulkageddon participants to ashamed to show what you lost killing a defenceless miner?

      In the end, if you calculate the amount of ships and their equipment lost via concord the miners are not to badly off. In any case, if you know what you are doing miners can recover that loss in less than 2 days. The hulkageddon participant however will take much longer to get their standings back.

      Miners should however not make the mistake of thinking they are the major contributers towards refined minerals in EVE. The majority comes from players looting and refining the loot that they don’t keep or sell. There are numerous lvl4 missions that deliver 8M isk in refined minerals from loot.

      No, Fred Jessop. If you want to stop hulkageddon, you have to reinforce your hulk, so it tougher to kill. That’s reducing your cargo hold and adding shield/boosters/invulnarability fields OR you can petition CCP. Money talks, right? If 10% of the players are miners and they decide to put a little pressure in the right place, I’m sure they can come up with a satisfactory solution.

      So far,I’m not against the idea of one group attacking the other and totally contributing to the economy of the game but this bullying, bragging and the hypocrisy of hulkageddon is just that – bullying, bragging (don’t know what there is to brag about) and hypocrisy.

      • fred jessop Says:

        I aren’t bothered about stopping it. Hulks parked up and doing missions. I just don’t understand it.

      • npc kills dont provide a km if you dont get a point on or aggro em it doesnt involve a player so no kb loss

      • sorry forgot to mention easy way round this is dual or triple pointed hic corpie on gate catching reds you can kill legally anywhere without concord aggro so just hang near systemwhere kills are and get your selves some free -10 kills (need the script for hic otherwise no go)

      • Gank the ganker Says:

        Yeah the trouble is that HG killboard doesn’t show legitimate kills either. If u try to upload the killmail u got, putting a ganker out of his misery (even BEFORE concord does it for you) in properly tankted, logistics supported exhumer – the killmail mysteriously dissapears.

      • that’s mostly because the board is set up to track the exhumers/barges only.
        Feel free to open your own board though for posting idiots that got killed by a miner 😀

      • LOL btw people in hulkageddon are mostly pirates if im not mistaken and they are mostly in destroyers, a fully t2 fit destroyer, (which is not needed) doesnt cost much at all, a Hulk on the other hand costs a fair ammount along with all their ore, they arnt doing this to make money or anything, jsut to have fun, personally ganking miners is not that fun to me, but the tears we get out of you and your comrads in the carebearing nonsense is jsut pure gold

  9. ghost2068 Says:

    Didn’t understand the mentality of the Gankers and there wish to destroy everything and create nothing. Then it hit me looking at the time frame most of it happens.

    They are Yanks, shoot from the hip and destroy everything

    • Vermont Wolf Says:


      You sir/madam may just be legaly retarded. Did not the organiser of this event say they were European? You watch too much television and dont get blown up enough. Get on out there and get some oh and dont worry, well get to your country soon enough. Have a nice day.
      Vermont Wolf

    • Actually, a very large part of the “killing” is in the 8AM – 5PM timeframe from MY central US perspective.

      Gankers and griefers know no borders, and to put it BLUNTLY you Europeans were ganking and griefing yourselves IN REAL LIFE long before you (re)discovered America.

      Read up on folks like the Vikings, or the wars of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation for a couple of the better-known examples.

      Oddly enough, I’ve been mining through this event without incident. Practice Defensive Mining techniques and it’s not a problem – I didn’t even find out that the FIRST “Hulkageddon” happened untill months later.

      I strongly suspect, from some of the chatter I’ve seen when monitoring their channel on an alt, that a very large percentage of the targets they have been hitting have been either MACRO farmers (EULA violators, though CCP don’t CARE and doesn’t bother enforcing against them) or ISK farmers for RMT companies, NOT “live” farmers. I’m sure there are some exceptions, but I’d guess the exceptions are 10% or less of the dead.

      Going through the loadouts on the dead Hulks, I am struck by how GIMP most of them are – they’d have a problem handling the RATS where my corp farms. Come on now, how many REAL miners think a “civilian shield booster I” is a GOOD tank?

      • I *think* you are beginning to see why we do this. it’s not to “grief” competent player really (though invariable some will bite the dust)

  10. I love it when they cry, just shows how clueless they are.

  11. LOL….

    I was a miner, i am an industrialist and doing some pvp by now.

    Yes it makes fun producing stuff..mining is still boring (except for crockite and stuff 😉 )

    AND i love ppl whine. i mean i get upset when i lose a ship due to my own stupidity. And thats how it looks like.

    If you guys get up da decent defensive setup, some corp ppl that protet you during hulkaggeddon. it will make more fun for both sides.

    The gankers have to think more how to get the ships and the miners will win from time to time.

    But i fear miners are to infelxible to think about it…or too stupid to set up a 200 M ISK ship probably – despite the fact that there are a LOT of set ups for about 30K ehp-ships.

    So we will obviously see more emo rage….


    • Zap Rowsdower Says:

      Well so far with my observation of the first hulkageddon and the implementation of my plan to deal with this one, I have had only one encounter with an abbadon. And oh, how dissapointed s/he must have been when their abbadon went pop! and all I did was turn on my shield booster. People, fit your ships properly, use a bit of common sense, and above all, observe your opponent. To know thy enemy is to know yourself…

      • Very good! You studied, adapted, and overcame. You are the kind of player that belongs in EVE. We’ve killed almost 800 ships now, and very few have even sent a hatemail or talked in local, in many cases the pods were present in the belt up to 5 hours later. This lead me to conclude they were one of three things:
        1) nowhere near their computer
        2) bots
        3) not educated enough to find out who killed them.

        People like you were never the target 🙂

      • Zap Rowsdower Says:

        Well the other funny part that I have to say I enjoyed was the idiot that sacrificed his typhoon to blow up my thrasher. My losses? none, because it was all put together with salvaged items save the salvaging module, and gee, just how expensive are those? And who can’t build a thrasher?

  12. Vermont Wolf Says:

    Dont know the exact Defenition of a Carebear but I do mine primarily using an Orca and three Hulks. I mission occasionally, and have gotten sucked into manufacturing. I started out mining as a way to pay for my losses though I have not begun to pvp (intentionally) yet. My mining pays for my three accounts.. and “Most” of my ship purchasing needs. If I lost all of it today.. I would buy some time cards secure sell them and replace my losses (ship/fitting). I understand most folks cant do that.. but I can so I dont whine or cry if I lose a ship. Even with that advantage, I dont take my miners out durring this event. I salvage instead. and the salvage is mildly better than normal. From this salvage I make rigs which you folks (the good, the bad, and the ugly) buy from me. Please keep up the good work all of you. I do have to say I also have begun sneaking through gate camps in a cheetah with my BPOs to get the M.E. up in lowsec stations. I find it exciting because of the prospect of loss but no risk no gain. I am also training up a stealth bomber alt to see if I can start taking out ships at gate camps. Ill settle for 1:1 but Id rather catch the ones who bunch up. but I’m a noob at all this and figuring it out on my own. (sniff) anyway its mostly cause of this event that I’m pushing forward with this stuff. Oh could someone post a build or link me to builds for the ganking ships used for this activity? Wouldn hurt to have some BPOs ready for the next one. Diversify carebears diversify or dwindle. it will keep you busy year round.

  13. Hot damn, Helicity. You got two screenies with hate in your post…

    …And so much tears in the Comments! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

    Make ’em weep.

  14. @Fred:

    “What a load of morons you lot are, gangs of 4 and more in their ships ganking onto miners in their Hulks and Orca’s.”

    Orcas…assumes more than 1. So far (at time of posting) only 1 Orca has been lost, and that was in Decon, a low sec system.

    Loving the event so far, from a spectator’s POV. All the kills, pics, vids etc are giving me some good lols.

    Got an alt training plan for next years event so I can get a few kills in, I imagine it shall be quite fun.

  15. Hey guys I fly around Sinq liason quite often, the assiettes system and inghenes system have a lot of macro miners in there.

    Could you help out an honest can flipper and help me remove this scum?

  16. An Innocent Bystander Says:

    I am in no way against the idea of Hulkageddon as an outlaw sport/competition, because let’s face it; in reality, shit happens. Whether it’s irl on in Eve, there are going to be real and present dangers, and Hulkageddon is simply exploiting the combat aspect of Eve Online.

    Personally, I have never mined with a barge a day in my life, so I have no idea what it is like to be ganked after a hard day’s work, but I do know what it’s like to lose expensive ships, as I own and operate a lowsec shipping corporation.

    However, if you do not like the way the sport of Hulkageddon is manifested, do not mine; stack up on defenses; or simply run the gauntles in wormhole belts (which are probably a lot safer than public territory at the moment)

    Just my two cents on the matter

    • An Innocent Bystander Says:

      And by the way, please try not to attack untargeted vessels. I’m sure you enjoy a good laugh from the collateral damage Hulkageddon inexorably brings to belts across the Galaxy, but I think playing dirty is a little unorthodox.

      I was in my Hyperion earlier yesterday when I was surrounded by a gank fleet. My initial reaction was to ignore it completely, as warship to warship combat is permitted by Hulkageddon regulations, but when I was nearly scrammed on my warp out, I was a little pissed off.

      I’m not traumetized, I’m just saying, leave big ships alone gankers. If you want to shred the Hulks, go for it, but let those who are minding our own business be.

  17. An Innocent Bystander Says:

    3 red flashing ships jump in, attempt to fire on the industrial craft in the belt, then turn their attention on me when the ship gets away….Sounds awfully fishy. =S

    Not trying to point fingers or anything.

    • An Innocent Bystander Says:

      CONCORD was already swarming a few of the belts, but I didn’t stay to take names. Any pirate corp able to mask themselves as Hulkers and then exploit the international fear to gank other class ships and turn the attention towards Hulkageddon has done a very good job at framing this venture.

  18. I have to say, I’m in no way a pirate, or even a pvp-er. However, I’ve had some great times scouting for the Hulkageddon crew, and even provided some warp-ins. It’s led to over 40 million in salvage for me, and I get to see some great tears too.

    Helicity, I think you’ve done a fantastic job. PvP is a valid and acceptable part of EvE. The fact that some people choose to try not to get involved is fine, however High sec is by no means safe. Hulkageddon is not the only time suicide ganks happen. I’ve been part of attempting to suicide gank an abaddon just because it was in Ammold. We failed, but it was hilarious fun.

    As for those who compared Helicity to Hitler….really?

    Here’s hoping Hulkageddon 3 is even bigger than this event 🙂

    • An Innocent Bystander Says:

      To be perfectly honest, even though I’ve witnessed a few of the gankings first hand happen to friends and close acquaintances, I think it’s a creative and interesting means of pvp.

      I am not pro-anarchist, nor sadistic rogue, but I have to congratulate Helicity for coordinating the event in such a formal (though slightly unorthodox) fashion.

      • An Innocent Bystander Says:

        …And for those who still feel like whining, let’s relate Hulkageddon to real-life terrorism:

        Can it be stopped? No. Can it be prevented? Only to a point. Is it a pain in the ass? Undoubtably, but life goes on.

        Get used to it miners. =)

  19. Petrov Kreigt Says:

    Lmao, Great job Helicity, if i didnt enjoy trade hubs so much id be right with you shooting barges.

    Moving on to allt he ‘bears crying on this page, yes were killing your precious little barge, alls were doing is proving the messege that you are not safe anywhere, and at this time especially not in your high sec asteroid belts.

    If you dont like losing your ship then dont afk mine and fap to porn, make use of your actual being on eve and go help newbs or recruit people.

    People are taking this event far too seriously, EvE is a game, it is fiction, just because you lost a bunch of pixels doesnt mean anything.

    Also to the tool who posted this “is in the 8AM – 5PM timeframe from MY central US perspective.”

    Are you that retarded that you dont realise that other people around the world are in your time zone?

    so in general, someone replace the jar with an empty one, bears please aim well into it and if anyone wants to vent some anger dec my corp and well have a nice little dance 😀

    Keep up the good work Helicity

  20. Vermont Wolf Says:

    Question for Helicity..

    Hey are you thinking of any other “geddon” type activity?… Umm maybe aimed at mission runners? Or any other large groups? I only ask cause this can do naught but good for the whole economy all these destroyed ships and modules..etc it will all have to be replaced! Mins purchased station slots rented etc.. and it could extend to lowsec as well maybe nullsec?.. Just curious.
    Vermont Wolf

  21. Major PewPew Says:

    oh and…the bitter is strong in these comments. So many people crying over an internet spaceships game. grow up kids! 🙂

  22. Just a thought... Says:

    Well this event has prevented me from using my miner alt at all. I’ve been left stuck in a station to avoid losing my ship… well it’s actually been about 3 weeks since I logged onto that char anyway… I’d definitely say that getting this many people involved in this event is an amazing feat… I’m all for killing afk miner bots, I don’t think any real players like them.. but to me this event just re-enforces my belief that while this “sandbox” approach the designers have taken is fine on paper, in game it equates to more powerful senior players having fun and profiting at the expense of lesser experienced or less powerful players. I’m sure you’ll say that it’s all part of the game, and here you would be right. But here is something to consider.. my corp is small, we’ve tried to expand by recruiting and guess what we’ve found.. players come, get ganked over and over by senior players, and leave. The only new accounts that stay active are the ones opened by existing players as second or third accounts (I myself have 3). As I’m sure you’ll point out, there isn’t anything wrong with this, and once again you’d be right. There’s nothing wrong with that, at least not yet…..

    • I have 16 million skillpoints. Helicity is hardly what you would call a stronger senior character. In addition you can mine just fine, especially in a group, so long as you have somebody watching local to see if a bunch of miscreants suddenly join the system.

      I wish people spent a bit less time being worried and complaining, and a bit more time thinking and adapting :/

      • Just a thought... Says:

        I think you’ve misunderstood something.. I know there are ways to avoid getting popped, people can easily overcome this with a little thought and some friends. I’m saying with the low number of new players not everyone has a large number of friends. Our corp is almost dead, down to 3 active members… but that’s beside the point. since you are so easily able to organize things like this have you ever thought about doing something positive? instead of only focusing on ganking miners did you think about offering prizes for mining fleets able to fiend off attacks? This is a great excuse for gankers to meet other like minded individuals, has anyone thought about doing something similar for the other side? I’ll agree with you on one other very important issue, lots of these idiots get popped, spend hours fuming, then go right back to doing the same thing and get popped again… they should be trying to adapt. As for me, I’ve been trying to decide if I want to bother trying to make new friends in EVE as I’m likely to be leaving the game soon… too many other games I want to try coming out this year…

      • Consider this: if i manage to get insurance payouts after dying to concord removed, will I not have done a positive thing?

        also 80-90% of these kills are macro miners, not players. The rest are people that did not heed my ample warnings, and are sadly collateral damage.

      • Winterjack Says:

        Dunno. I haven’t lost a ship to it, nor have my friends, because we just moved on to other venues. Still, it’s annoying.
        Yes, if insurance payouts are fixed, that’ll be a good thing, and I don’t mind the whole hulkageddon thing.
        What really pisses me is podkills. Ship losses are common and to be expected.
        Podkills in hisec, where you’re mostly not expecting risk and may have high-cost implants on is just miserable. One thing is holding an event and making your voice heard, making the people stay frosty. I like that.
        Actively looking for a Podkill is pretty much grieving for the heck of it, in my personal opinion.

      • I never claimed we were nice people.

        Sleep at the wheel at your own peril!

        Nobody is responsible for your safety but YOU.

      • Thank you for that little gem: ‘Sleep at the wheel at your own peril!’

        To all who lost their hulks (and were not macromining), i feel for you, its pretty embarassing and humiliating. But you had an option: warp out at the sight of trouble. Meaning you should have had your ships aligned to a destination to warp to, like station, or a gate. If flying multiple ships, have a squad commander who can warp the group out.

        This event was announced quite a while before it started and this is not a low profile event. Meaning you all should already have been aware of what lies in wait when you park next to a batch of asteroids.

        And to those who claim they make more in minerals missioning, you obviously haven’t flown with an orca pilot with max leadership/command bonuses =) empire belts go for ~ 60mil now people. do the math =)

      • Winterjack Says:

        Yeah, I know I’m responsible for my safety. That’s why I haven’t lost a ship yet.

        Considering the amount of hype given to the event, I was half expecting pirates to go after bantams, cuz I seriously did not think anyone would take a mining ship (barge or exhumer) to the belts. I parked my osprey too, better safe than sorry.
        I mean, 2 weeks before the event I heard of it in the major hubs AND on the forums AND the alliance sent a reminder email. DOH.

        Yet you scrounged up over 1000 kills (haven’t checked the board today). Gotta say, the vast majority of people aren’t very smart I guess. Yet, even if aligned I doubt I’d survive a gank planned for taking a hulk in 3 seconds with a retriever, tanked or not.

        Anyway, podkilling and especially prized for podkilling have pretty little justification except for “we’re bad people” – which is a pretty childish motivation, IMNERHO.

      • I think it’s a perfectly valid motivation for a -10 pirate living out in low sec.

      • Winterjack Says:

        My post got thrown up there :p

        hulkageddon: Roleplay-wise, yes.
        But RP-wise, what self-respecting pirate would zerg its way to killing a BARGE? 😉 And with friends, no less.

        –> anyway, have fun.

      • “But RP-wise, what self-respecting pirate would zerg its way to killing a BARGE? And with friends, no less.”

        A smart one? xD

      • Winterjack Says:

        lol. Ok point well taken.

      • This +1

        “Consider this: if i manage to get insurance payouts after dying to concord removed, will I not have done a positive thing?”

        Insurance payments for suicide are stupid and unrealistic.

      • Vermont Wolf Says:

        TO just a thought.

        I came to EVE to get some peace and quiet.. Mostly thats what Ive gotten. I ran a group of 100 in an aliance of 700 in another MMO. We achieved that number through casual recruiting. Shed your inactives. If the three of you remaining can recruit 1 person every other day even if 2/3s of them quit.. you will still grow. Myself I have too much time and money invested to quit eve just yet.
        Vermont Wolf

  23. Kudos to inspiring so many to a single direction. Not everyone can distract a gaming community from their own agendas for a whole week.

    I am new to Eve and have to tell you. It’s a nice change of pace over other “E” for everyone rated Multi player games.

    Face it miners, you’re sitting there in a big fat cow and eve is full of wolves, lions, and rabid crack monkeys who all want to pop that cow. A smarter cow would be fitted with better shields, facing the direction of the way to safety, and have a buddy (not another fat cow) next to him with a really LARGE gun. But NO, we are greedy fat cows! We have to optimize for more grass per bite don’t we and herd with the other fattest cows.

    I used to be that cow, sitting in a belt mining ore for some high sec corp. I was chewing my cud next to some veldspar when a corp. mole drifts in with his destroyer. Pops my retriever and my badger and skips away with the t2 mods. When I picked my jaw up and had send some truly hilarious tears at said mole. A light bulb went off. Now that same cow brain has t2 shield and missile skills, and his fat cow buddy has t2 drones and blasters. They also have destroyer BPO’s and make nice pretty teeth for the wolves, lions and crack monkeys to help EDUCATE fat cows that they are not safe and need to play a little more of the game than just drag and dropping rocks every 3 mins while watching TV/porn/there fat cow as get bigger!

    As a miner, THANK YOU for ripping macro miners a new ARSE!

    As a new member to the EVE community, THANK YOU for helping me shed in the fat cow that was holing me down.



    P.S. If the miners had the drive to create a counter event to hunt down can flippers and scammers. Oh the fun we all would have!

  24. Dirty Wizard Says:

    Oh I love it! More hatemail please.

  25. For those who’d like to see what a maxed orca pilot can bring to a mining op:

    assuming 3 hulk pilots with exhumers 5, orca SC with director 5 + industrial command 5 + cycle/range mining gang mods + foreman implant:

    23.7k range on strip miners. most belts can be mined without moving from warp in, or close to it

    2 minute 10 sec cycles.

    t2 strip/t2 crystals ~ 1780 m3 a cycle
    t1 strips ~ 1400m3 a cycle

    fill a jetcan in 2 cycles.
    fill an orca in 13 cycles ~ half an hour

    most empire belts (0.5-0.6) disappear in 2 hours. perfect refines = 10 mil trit, 1.5 mil pyreite, 700k mex, 150k iso, 22k nox (assuming veld/scord/pyrox/kernite rocks)

    clear a couple belts and you’ve got quite a bit of isk. Add a freighter pilot to the mix to transport mins to the highest bidder and your good to go. I run l4 missions all the time, and I can salvage/scrapmetal process the loot, and ive yet to get those kind of numbers.

  26. No bruised ego Says:


    There are a lot of whiners here!!

    As for me I’m a bit of a carebear (and before anyone asks no I’m not on the killboards) but I must admit this is brilliant!!! Hell I was even tempted to create an alt and join the orphans 🙂

    The smacktalk is the best!! Pity there is not more of it to laugh at 🙂 and the videos?? MORE!!

    Doing legit miners a great service (I think a few people here need to understand that) … Keep up the good work guys and girls!!

  27. Considerate Player Says:

    I think both those in favour and those against Hulkageddon [which is not limited to whining carebears] have rather legitimate arguments. For the pro side, yes pvp is a reality [sometimes a harsh one] of the game, it’s fun blowing stuff up [although why people insist on picking on defenceless nubs sometimes is beyond me] and you’re doing us all a favour by killing those that bot mine [thank you!!!].

    At the same time, the anti side has some reasonable criticisms of Hulkageddon: for the seasoned vets that have hundreds of millions to waste, losing a ship and playing EVE casually is an affordable luxury, but for many of those relatively new players [such as myself] or downright nubs, mining in highsec is NOT free money, in-fact playing EVE is an investment of time so we feel our losses far harder than those pirates participating in Hulkageddon. There’s no real sport or fun to be had in hunting miners that are just starting out in their barges such as myself and discourages many new players from a career in mining which is essential in EVE and can serve as a great start towards the other more complex careers and making ISKies.

    That said, I was wondering if you could consider the above arguments and for the next Hulkageddon, possibly introduce something that would have participants invite the miner to a convo to see if they’re truly afk/bot mining or not. I ask this because as a university student, I don’t exactly have the time to mission or pvp for 1-2 or even more hrs a day to make a few ISKies and the most sensible [and the only real] option for me is to mine, especially since I’m starting out; missioning and pvping pays small dividends in the beginning and takes a while to add up. I usually read my textbooks while at my laptop mining and stare every now and then [every few mins] at the screen. I’m sure there are a lot more players with my predicament out there and am hoping that in lieu of this if those who organize Hulkageddon could be sensible and at least attempt to determine whether they’re truly afk/bot mining or if they’re actually AT the keyboard [as I am] simply doing two things at once. I’d say that’s pretty sensible? If there’s no response in a minute or two, alright, gank them, I hate bots as much as you do but someone [especially those just starting out, difficult to replace our losses] should not be punished because they’re temporarily addressing RL concerns.

    Despite it being rather annoying that I can’t mine in my Barge for fear of being popped, I at least appreciate that you announced this event kudos for that. Cheers.

    • WE’re not going to hold anyone’s hand. I spent weeks publicizing the event left and right, it falls on the individual pilot to care for their own safety, which is part of the lessons we are trying to teach here. It’s a pretty obvious thing when local jumps by five reds.

  28. Winterjack Says:

    hulkageddon: Roleplay-wise, yes.
    But RP-wise, what self-respecting pirate would zerg its way to killing a BARGE? 😉 And with friends, no less.

  29. As a carebear pilot, I have to say that I just can’t stop laughing at some of these videos and screen shots. The one asking about why so many are trying to mine in capsules in the ice field is the best of all.

    I hate the macro-miners, good riddance. As soon as I found out about this, I emailed my corp to warn them of the danger. Now I just try to stay safe. It is pretty close to a guarantee that if I am in my Hulk and get jumped by a couple of BSs, aligned or not I will most likely pop. It takes about 10 seconds to accelerate to jump speed. And losing my Hulk would hurt a lot as a replacement would take most of my funds. Mining in a Hulk by yourself in high-sec does not pay that well, doing missions pays much better.

    But I am looking at the bright side here. Mineral prices go up, all the PvP are really slaves to the ones that mine and make ships/items with the minerals so carry on your good work my minions. You are serving my purpose well. And to everyone that cries about this, do the following: take 3 steps back, look at your computer and say the following out loud – “It is only a computer, I am only playing a game, if I always win then the game really sucks, if I hate that I don’t always win then I am mentally and emotionally only 6 yrs old”

    Alright have fun everyone.

  30. Vermont Wolf Says:

    Not having lost anything to Hulkageddon, I do support the event. This isnt a complaint so much as an observation.

    I have advanced spacechip command 5, but even if aligned to the station it takes an orca (mine anyway) 50 seconds to reach warp. A destroyer could circle a belt in 50 seconds. The notion of “being safe if aligned” is a pleasant fairy tale to make noobs feel safe in their cribs. Also while the Creator of the event may be trying to eliminate AFK Mining those who join the event are predominantly just trying to kill mining vessels. It isnt really possible to control that. Anyway I still support Hulkageddon. Congrats to all those who reached their own personal goals.

    Vermont Wolf
    p.s. can I go mine now?(sniff)

  31. I think the whole “Best Tears Award” has been rigged, as this comment thread, is CLEARLY the best collection of tears due to HG2, and Helicity runs this site. Dons tin foil hat now. Conspiracy, says I.

    Oh and HTFU people. This is EVE. EVE is not a nice place.

  32. As an industrialist myself, I have to say that this event made me laugh. I switched to mining in a Vexor for the week, and I was checked out, but never shot at – plus I get to read all this delicious QQing from other industrialists who take the game far too seriously.

    Gank on, suiciders.

  33. Remember:

    When my Macro Mining Hulk with T1 drones gets the ‘Final Blow’, I get 26 Battleclinic Points

    When you kill a Hulk you get 2 BattleClinic Points

    I have 40 Billion in ISK

    You have pennies

    My AFK Mining BattleClinic Stats display a kill rating of 99% awesome.

    Yours are pirate shit and barely 50% kills.

    It is perfectly obvious you have penus envy.

  34. Donmen Solo Says:

    Being a noob you can make stupid mistakes like accidentily smartbombing your inwarping buddy in a scorpion and getting blown to bits by concord ±P

    But looking at these smartbomb actions…

    I think it would be a good idea if the kills only count if your ship survives ±P

  35. […] Well, actually, their ships cost a little bit more than 1 million ISK. And they didn’t always just shoot the expensive barges. This Catalyst actually cost 1.21 million ISK when it was popped by CONCORD after blowing up a Covetor in Renyn. I whored in on the kill mail. *grin* Back to the topic though. When the miners cried foul and said it was unfair for a million ISK ship (whose insurance would make up the loss) to one-shot a 100 million ISK ship, they were dismissively ignored. They were told to put on a tank, don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose, dock up or quit. They were told that’s how Eve is and they should HTFU. […]

  36. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post
    I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I
    found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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