Hulkageddon II PRIZES!

Here is the prize list so far:

  • Random jackpot! (send isk to Hulkageddon Jackpot in game): currently: 2.7 billion ISK

The Main event.

These prizes are for the corps/alliances that destroy the largest numbers of Exhumers, that is HULKS and MACKINAWS, no other ships count for the purposes of winning these prizes, and in case of any doubt we reserve the right to ask you to provide an API key to verify the legitimacy of the kills.

  • 1st place:
    3 Billion Isk CASH provided by Garmon
    Shadow Serpentis Large Smartbomb provided by siigari
    Armageddon provided by fmercury
  • 2nd place:
    1 billion isk
    CASHdonated by Timaios
    Daredevil provided by The Crushah
    Federation Navy Exequror, fitted and rigged provided by spectre3353
    Armageddon BPC ME 35, PE 5, 10 Runs provided by Andrea Griffin
    Vagabond provided by Chajitsoyo
    100M isk
    provided by Paul Clavet
    50M isk provided by Funkert
    Corpii A-type Reactive & Adaptive Platings provided by Fumitsugu Sylwia
  • 3rd place:
    500M isk CASH provided by Timaios
    2x Federation navy Comet provided by Raimo T  and Niraia
    Succubus provided by Andrea Griffin
    Zealot, 2x trimarks Provided by Rex Luciferi
    50M isk provided by Paul Clavet


These prizes are for being the first, best or only at completing a specific set of conditions, some of these will be judged by the people that provided the prizes, others will be pulled from the killboard.

  • “Godlike!” Most Killing Blows on mining ships, mining support ships and their pods during the event.
    1x Navy Faction Frigate of choice provided by Jones Bones
    1x Caldari Navy Hookbill provided by Mynxee
  • “Master Griefer” Most repeat kills on a single miner during the event.
    1x Stealth Bomber of choice provided by Kalius Prime
  • “I like my pods scrambled” Most pod kills during the event. must be associated with a miner kill.
    1x Republic Fleet Firetail provided by Andrea Skye
  • “Black Hole Hunter” Most exhumer kills in The Forge region
    100M isk provided by Mojihito 2
  • “Reading is hard mmkay” Most retriever kills during the event
    50M isk provided by Llyan
  • “T.E.A.R.S.” Best miner tears extracted, as judged by Velocity Prime of Suddenly Ninjas. you can email screenshots, and screenshots ONLY to: please put “T.E.A.R.S” in the subject of your email if you are sending pictures for this achievement.
    1x Dramiel provided by Suddenly Ninjas corp.
  • Haul it YOURSELF” First group to succesfully destroy a Retriever or Exhumer using ONLY industrials (either industrials or transports count. No orcas)
    50M isk cash
    provided by golden Helmet and Eternal Fame for being out of your mind.
  • “Because of Falcon” First solo Falcon to destroy a Hulk
    1x Dark Blood Medium Capacitor Booster provided by Rex Luciferi
  • “Love to Hate” Best Hatemail as judged by Jaxxon Voers, provide a screenshot by mailing it to put “Love/Hate” in the subject and provide a link to the killmail
    1x Federation Navy Comet provided by Jaxxon Voers
  • “Pulling a NYNC” Self destruct your vessel AFTER killing an exhumer but BEFORE CONCORD kills you, must be Frapsed.
    1x NYNCs frozen corpse provided by ditry necrophile Shigsy
  • “Ebay Warrior” Killing blow on the most expensive Hulk Kill
    1x Dramiel provided by Hera Darthrone
    1x Imperial Navy Slicer provided by Chack’Nul
    1x Rigged Maller provided by Chack’Nul
    1x Armageddon provided by Chack’Nul
  • “In W-space, no one can hear you scream” For the Most kills of mining and mining related vessels and their pods in wormhole space. (special achievement for you WH-dwellers)
    Redcoats corporation will offer a Tengu with 5 subs (subs of your choice)
  • “Space Whaler” Most Orca suicide kills during the event.
    1x Orca provided by Larkonis Trassler
  • “And the oscar goes to: ” Best Hulkageddon Video, as Judged by Borun Tal. Send a youtube link to and your video will be posted to the hulkageddon page
    1x Wolf provided by Borun Tal
    1x Republic Fleet Firetail provided by Borun Tal
  • ” Nobody Expects the Inquisition” Most kills in Amarr Empire space
    1x Imperial Navy Omen
    1x Imperial Navy Slicer provided by an Anonymous Amarrian Loyalist
  • “Angels hate Rebels” Most kills in Metropolis + Heimatar
    1x Dramiel provided by an Anonymous Amarrian Loyalist
  • “One Hell of a Heathover” Most Kills in Molden Heath
    1x Recon vessel of your choice provided by Crucible5
  • “Disco Stu” Most Kills with Smartbombs
    100M isk and a large Dark Blood Emp Smartbomb provided by SunGod Ra
  • “Disco Goo” Most Pod Kills with Smartbombs
    100M isk large Dark Blood Emp Smartbomb provided by SunGod Ra
  • “Disco FEVER” Most Smartbomb kills in a single engagement Fraps and link to engagement must be provided (send youtube and engagement links to: subject: Disco FEVER)
    250M isk provided by Beyond Divinity Inc
  • “Banhammer” First screenshot of a miner threatening to have his assailant banned
    50M isk provided by Kasturi Levolor
  • “Iceman” Most Mackinaw kills
    1x Mackinaw BPC provided by lady Spank
  • “French Fried”Most kills in Sinq Laison
    1x Caldari Navy Hookbill provided by Defialed
  • “There can be only ONE!” Most hulk kills using ONLY hulks
    1x Cynabal provided by Entity (who is not a scammer)
  • “Skillpoints Schmillpoints” First person to score a killing blow on a hulk with a newbship
    Trimarked Proteus with subsystems!
    provided by Zeethazon
  • “Reroller” Person with the lowest number of kills
    Complete set of mining frigs, cruisers and a retriever + skillbooks provided by Nytetyger
  • “Keep em coming!” Most kills in the same system
    10 catalysts provided by Lhotse Face

Hulkageddon jackpot at last count: 2.7 Billion isk.
Jackpot contributors:  Strikovsky, Calkota, SunGod Ra, Eno lacigol, Paul clavet, Nika Dekaia

*crossed out some completed achievements


35 Responses to “Hulkageddon II PRIZES!”

  1. […] will be out of town for most of the festivities, but I made my mark by donating 200M ISK to the prize pool. If you’ve got some extra ISK or ships lying around, please consider donating to the […]

  2. […] January 7th through the 14th of 2010 the swarthy pirate set will be vying for billions of ISK in prize money plus special achievement awards, all for killing the most mining ships in Empire space.  You can even send in your guess as to how […]

  3. […] isk range in a variety of categories. I just have to add an armageddon and some small stuff to the prize list later today, but it’s essentially finished. At this point I would like to ask that you do not […]

  4. […] other news, hulkageddon II will start in a week and I sure have a lot of prizes to give out! I’ve also set up the delicious Hulkageddon Orphanage corporation for solo/alt […]

  5. Louis deGuerre Says:

    These prizes are really funny and good 🙂
    Have to say I find “Master Griefer” a bit cruel but there ya go.
    Have fun all 🙂

  6. Bring it bitches, I mine in cat with an orca and 3 to 4 hulks and few retrievers.

    Carebears FTW.

  7. Teddy Hess Says:

    How do I sign up – This looks REALLY FUN.

  8. This is in game griefing, it should be bannable and the promotion of this should also be a banable offense. All you are going to do is drive the market prices up and make it impossible to mine in safe space.

  9. […] mentioned before, there is quite an array of prizes available for […]

  10. I would like to make a greivance and point out to you that you have /are breaking your own Guidelines/rules for this event. I do not object to the event per say but rather to your wording under Main Event. You state that only Hulks and Mackinaws, no other ships count for the purpose of winning prizes. You do not mention a second event catagory but under achievements you list mining ships, mining support ships and their pods, retrievers and orca kills. This tells me that you do not care to follow your own rules/guidelines and that you are only doing this to create havoc at others expense and your own ruthlessness. I say FOLLOW YOUR GUIDELINES/RULES as you have stated under Main event. May the Gods of war destroy you and Concordia claim many kills.

  11. YouGuysAreGay Says:

    you guys are gay

  12. […] EVE Online, Entertainment and ORE Tags: Hulk, Orca With the announcement of another Hulkageddon, I thought it was time for a mining […]

  13. I’m a miner myself at times and frankly I think this should become a regular event. If you pay attention ya know the risks of mining during this event, however those afk macro and bot miners likely didn’t hear about it, guess who winds up on the target list? That means less annoying afkers and a nice boost to isk/hour since mineral and ship prices are bound to go up.

  14. Master Max Says:

    Screw y’all I’m out in 0.0 ,!,,-_-

  15. Guess Who Says:

    Yay drive up those prices so i can sale stuff at a higher price an if you destroy my hulks ill still make money through the insurance.

  16. lol you guys are a joke. You should grow a pair, and try fighting something that shoots back. Instead of picking on noob miners in empire space come out to 0.0. we would love to have some visitors:)

  17. hi, as i’m not a pirate and i hate griefers, i’ll say: carebears will revenge!
    BUT: i had a bloody good laugh reading achievements, and i think you have the merit to be creative, and to add some roleplay in the theorical “pirate against carebears thing” by making your influence going where you red blinkers are not allowed to. for this, i’ll say GG. for the grief and shooting people who can’t defend, i’ll say we will sonner or later find ourselves in the same belt and i’ll open fire first 😉

  18. in game event/roleplay council perhaps :p

  19. […] Prizes are worth well over several billions and there will be 2nd and 3rd prizes to the most pirates killing exumers and mining barges. There are also achievements to be awarded such as “Nobody Expects the Inquisition”: Most kills in Amarr Empire space and my favorite: “In W-Space no one can hear you scream” – For the Most kills of mining and mining related vessels and their pods in wormhole space. And thats where I live, great. […]

  20. Pinheads! Yes this is just a game. Lucky for you.

  21. Good fun for you guys and a bit of grief for miners, of whom i am one. Although i didnt lose my hulk or ships. I would still like to thank you for forcking me to reavaluate my Tankings skills & Tactics for my hulks.

  22. Oh and one final comment…… To all those cry babys and sissy winers and wyngers !!! Grow up its a just a game and your not losing anything you cant replace.

  23. Hey big boy, yeah you who think this is such a good idea you thought up.
    Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and post the stats of how many Macro Miners actually killed the pirate assholes?

    I have my own stats but I would love to see how much you lie on your own webpage.

    Look me up small fry.
    Red Sceptor

    • u mad?

      nothing is more hilarious than a kid talking big from behind something that’s not even his in-game name.

      grow a pair someday, and then we’ll talk big boy.

  24. … im going for the reroller somehow 😀

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