About Hulkageddon II

Welcome to the Hulkageddon webpage!

After people had a lot of fun with the firt hulkageddon I have frequently been asked when the next one would be.

Well. soon.

Garmon (or El’tar) approached me for this same purpose and made me an offer I could not refuse; A massive monetary reward for the winning corporation in the next Hulkageddon (3 billion isk, to be exact). So the call went out on the EVE-O forums to alert pilots to the upcoming event, and to ask for more prizes!

The response has been somewhat overwhelming, with a whole bunch of ships and cash prizes being donated (and still rolling in!)

So, it is with no small amount of joy that I am now announcing to you, that Hulkageddon II will be a week-long event in january!  Specifically:

January 7th – January 14th

See how I made that all bold and red and stuff for the TL;DR crowd? Excellent.

Some minor changes to the formula this time then, the MAIN target in the event is Exhumer class vessels, that is Hulks and Mackinaws. These are the ONLY ships that count for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. However, there are EXTRA prizes for other categories of mining ships (retrievers, orcas) to be had for people who can perhaps not manage a team for ganking hulks, or prefer juicier prey.

There are a lot of prizes indeed, I will update the prize list page shortly, and I hope we will have a lot of participants this time around, and of course a lot of fun!

More details will be posted on this page as they become available.


-send me an in-game mail with the prize

-post your prize on the eve-online forums in this thread

-please note that I’m no longer taking additional “achievements” we have plenty, but 2nd and 3rd place need more prizes!

-if you just want to contribute some ISK as a prize, send it to the character “Hulkageddon Jackpotnowhere else

If you have any pressing questions, feel free to evemail me, but do allow for a little time for me to respond.


Helicity Boson

96 Responses to “About Hulkageddon II”

  1. eveplayer Says:

    hey i read your main page and the flame about you vs carebears id like to recomend a mirror side to this contest not shure how often it happens but how about (if its possable to track and prove) having an equal opportunity for miners who sucsessfully escape ganks to get some sorta recognition or prizes. if nothign else this might be the slap in the face for all them crying carebears and or afk miners need to say they did it why cant you.

    • I’m not really sure why I would want to do that?
      Afterall, unlike the first time, this time I did warn them. >:)

    • Super!! can wait to see El’Tar in our systems.


    • Given there ws no noticeable effect on prices from the last Hulkageddon – after all, there seem to be thousands of botminers out there mining 23/7, not like ganking a few DOZEN mostly part-time LIVE miners is gonna make a huge dent in ore supply – might cost a couple days worth of production at worsst – I dount this time around gonna have a noticeable effect either.

      I still think Hulkageddon should be aimed at BOT miners, on the theory that “they’re violating EULA, they’re fair game, and killing the bots should make both CCP AND players happy with the event”.

      • ” I still think Hulkageddon should be aimed at BOT miners, on the theory that “they’re violating EULA, they’re fair game, and killing the bots should make both CCP AND players happy with the event”

        Hmmm perhaps a Bot-o-geddon event might be in order at some point.

        I have new toon training up to go out and try my hand at suicide ganking folks for a change. Should be fun. Happy ganking all!

      • FortyNiner Says:

        You have a toon training? Did you make it separate on your or a trial account? Do you plan on deleting it afterward? Did you know recycling alts to avoid consequences is considered an exploit? Did you know CCP won’t do shit about it anyway? Have fun!

  2. Does it have to be hisec gankings? Because there are loads of carebears AFK mining in 0.0 and w-space too… and it doesn’t say ANYWHERE on the hulkageddon II info about the sec status of the systems we’re hunting.

  3. the only thing i say on that is : damit i will can’t mine during that time grrr….
    i mine in the empire so it will be good to know if i will be safe during that event…..

  4. this is stupid. to attack those who mine the minerals for you to create your ships is absurd. who will create your ships if all the miners are dead?

    • dorkian.gray Says:

      Christ, you’re one of those many silly buggers that just don’t get it, aren’t you? Hell, I’m a carebear miner (though I rarely go AFK while I’m mining), and I get it. Quit your whinging and don’t log on during that period if you can’t take the heat. It’s not like your character permanently dies, or even loses any SP (assuming you haven’t been a stingy fuck and have kept your clone updated). So you might lose a few hundred million ISK if your Hulk gets blown to shit. Who cares? You’ll make it up in a matter of days if you’re any good.

      You know, if you weren’t so lamentably stupid you’d see these guys are boosting your business; after all, where are the minerals for all the replacement mining ships going to come from?

    • damn, even so ignorant as to use the name JBOTS to post

  5. Y’all have any issue with killing hulk BOTS?

    If not, might want to hang out with MacroIntel – we’re good at spotting targets that will almost definitly be AFK, and that might win you some POSITIVE press for massacreing.

  6. What I am trying to understand is, Why? What have the miners done other the provide ore to make all the gear and ships that will be used to kill them. in the long run all this will do is cause the cost of ore and everything else to once again go up.

    • Ah, I guess no one told you. Most of the minerals in eve come from refined mission loot. Not mining.
      Yeah, that is indeed very stupid, but it’s true.

      Miners really don’t matter 😦

      • Just A Player Says:

        “Ah, I guess no one told you. Most of the minerals in eve come from refined mission loot. Not mining.”

        Do you a have a link to show is true?

      • oof, it’s in one of the devblogs, it’s a little while ago they said it. I’m tempted to say it was one of the economic newsletters, but again not sure.
        I remember being pretty shocked when I read it as well, since it makes no sense to me at all that they would allow it to work like that.

      • Just A Player Says:

        First of all thank for replying as fast as you did.

        I can see no matter what anyone says, Hulkageddon well be in EVE for a long time, yes Hulkageddon is good for knocking out marco players, but if I may ask a question after reading peoples point of views on mining/miners, which is “there’s more to EVE then mining, you can make up for the lose or the simple fact is mining is worthless to EVE NPC’s” ‘i.e. the 4 factions’ but how much are miners/mining worth to us the players of EVE, now your thinking what the hell are you I talking about.
        I’ll give you scenario, your wanting to build a Battleship, say a Scorpion-class, now you need to get 1,845 m3 of Megacyte, now on the NPC market it goes for about a 2.5 or 3 K isk pre m3, now Megacyte is easy to get but not that easy if you know what I mean, so you ether mine it your self, running the risk of NPC Pirate paying you a visit and which being in a corp and you hold your own against them . Or you did your NPC market research and find out that its 2.8k isk pre m3 and that’s the cheapest you could find and its 24 jumps away Or you can go to the trader chat room and ask if there’s any miners that have what you need but at a better price then 2.8k isk but within 10 jumps and a miners says “yeah I have 2000 m3 of Megacyte on me I’m 5 jumps away and I’ll sell to you for 2.4k isk” if I may rule out you being in a corp and you being able to hold your own. So now which Megacyte are you going to buy, the NPC lot of Megacyte or the player miner Megacyte which is 400 isk cheaper and only 5 jumps away. Now I know for a fact that two corps who know that I love mining so much and they hate the thought of mining, and they come to me with a contact for a good price and I always deliver. So which Megacyte are you going to buy? You going to buy the Megacyte that saves you isk coz isk doesn’t grow on trees, in away yes the miners are worthless to NPC’s but not players nor Corp, why am I telling you this, because how am I meant to fulfill my contacts that I have, when I lose a hulk or I have to waste one week, coz of Hulkageddon, I think the reason CCP said/made mining and miners are worthless/useless to EVE coz it crates a Player-To-Player trade and a real in-game market, our own player control and judged economy.

        But good luck with your killing of miners.

        PS. Correct me if I’m wrong please.


      • Miner Mule Says:

        Guess who sponsered this contest. The isk spammers sponsered the contest them and the ship builders. Think Im wrong? I got banned from the Hulkageddon Chat this morning because I am right. Hulks are climbing in cost, up 20 million in kor-azor region already. With over 800 hulks and ships lost so far, guess who is gonna need isk to replace them ships? Afk miners? Not them they are bots and could care less. The afk miners dont need isk, they make tons of it. So who is gonna need the isk? Players who want the better ships. Thats who. Players who really can’t afford to lose a hulk. Eve is dying thanks to the afk miners and isk spammers.
        Ban me all you want but I know the truth and the truth is being told to anyone who will listen. Even pirates dis like the isk spammers.

      • you’re deluded, ask the people who donated the prizes silly motherfucker 😀

      • hmm… actually this guy has a point. probably would increase isk sales, as the farmers have more than enough to pay for another ship. 🙂 even tho the other stuff about who sponsored it is kinda silly. 😛

      • hulkageddon your very bad response to the above tells me this may be true and your upset that somone called you out so i will no long take place in what could be a china man needing more money from isk sales

      • i assume you have a nuclear proof bunker, 12 rifles and a 40,000 gallon tank of water in your basement?
        take off the tinfoil hat, I’m a bored low-sec dweller with free time on his hands.

      • I think it would be fun to have a contest offering billions of isk to whoever can pod hulkageddon the most times each month, for the next 10 years (alts of his, friends, allies, and corpmates of his not included)

      • minerjoebob Says:

        I would contribute to that, but since hulkageddon is going after everyone who mines, not just the bot miners, I would only contribute to that if it INCLUDED his alts, friends, allies and corpmates. Basically anyone who posts a hulk kill.

        This whole thing is BS. It’s being sponsored by the ppl who are making hulks to help drive the prices of them up so they make more ISK. So in reality it’s nothing more than a sick, bastard form of market manipulation, cheap thrills and 2 year old childish behavior.

        IF you could prove that only macroers were being targeted (I know otherwise for a fact), instead of real miners as well, I might buy the excuse provided that hulkageddon is harmless fun. However since it is obvious from many of the posts from supporters, testimonials from those real miners who have gotten ganked and the killboards that this is not the case I don’t buy it.

        The argument of “there are so many other ways to make isk in eve, two weeks of not mining won’t hurt anyone” is a crock too. Who the hell are YOU to tell anyone else what they can and cannot do and that they HAVE to do something else just because you (hulkageddon and friends) want to show the world how much of an asshat you are. Too bad we can’t weld hulkageddon and his pals into freighters for 6 months and say, “Tough shit – all you can do to make money is freighter runs to make isk, live with it”.

        Seriously – I will gladly contribute to a gank hulkageddon pilots fund to destroy and pod all those who take part in this farce being called hulkageddon – let’s make the hunters the hunted so they have a taste of their own medicine.

      • Fact: the only thing I’m getting is some cash from Garmon, which he decided to give me for my hard work
        Fact: Almost all of the prizes were donated by low-life pirate scum, who don’t build anything but ammo to shoot people in the fayce
        Fact: If you know any hulk producers, tell the fuckers to contact me next time and put up some prizes to give away!

        Some people like chaos and infamy, I’m one of those people.

      • minerjoebob Says:

        Fact – You have not done any hard work. Ganking a ship in empire that has no guns is not hard work. It is the ultimate definition of laziness from someone who can’t handle a real fight.

        You like chaos and infamy? Cool!! GetHulkageddon should make you happy then since you will be infamously hunted in empire, low-sec and 0.0, if you ever get the balls to actually live in either one of the latter.

        Doubt it though since I doubt you could stand up against a newb ship in a 1v1 fight, let alone low sec or 0.0.

      • do you have any idea how much HARD WORK I personally put into starting this up, gathering prizes and keeping it motivated?
        maybe an individual gank is not a lot of work, but organizing an event of this size sure is.

        and before you loud mouthe some more, look me up on battleclinic, see if you can fight me. the answer is no.

  7. Its an Event! and Miners are the Target That’s all!

    Its Inconvenient to Miners as a Whole in the short run, but So what? Its a Free universe….

    Miners who lose will gain from the shortfall in Ore Supply so whats the point in whining?

    I am a Miner, and I respect and applaud this competition, gives mining a bit of an edge… keep them alert.

    Also If you don’t feel like taking the heat, or the challenge to see how many Battleships will go down in High-Sec before you are finally taken down, Go do Missions, Rat, or even join in the Fray! Just Don’t complain, there is so much to do in eve other than Mining, so Quit Complaining!

  8. Hell been ages since I did any mining but makes me wanna pvp fit a hulk and come play 🙂

  9. How do we submit kills?

  10. I for 1 am happy that this is taking place it drives up ice prices and makes me much isk thank you all for you ganks you should run this 1 a month so i can make more isk ty

  11. Sparky150 Says:

    It would be a good idea for miners to group together while mining. At least while the attackers are getting a meal, miners could get a few bites. 🙂

  12. […] Molden Heath – Helicity Boson from The Jerk Cartel has announced that the Hulkageddon II contest, in which capsuleers compete to destroy the most exhumer-class vessels, will begin at midnight on […]

  13. […] Molden Heath – Helicity Boson from The Jerk Cartel has announced that the Hulkageddon II contest, in which capsuleers compete to destroy the most exhumer-class vessels, will begin at midnight on […]

  14. effin great Says:

    lol i trained up yesterday to be able to use a mining barge and today its a week of killing mining ships, thats great thx a lot. not really.

  15. HULK Gankers

    Full of self-importance and ego. You guys are fuckwits. Simple. Like anyone gives a shit that a 3 week old alt get’s a Hulk kill. Why don’t you make it shuttle kills so at least you have to show a smidgin of skill like pressing Ctrl along with a mouse click.

    Spose using two hands might be too hard for you tossers.

    And I don’t give a fuck whether you post this or not – as long as YOU read it fuckwit.

    And anyone wanna bag this post if this lame arse is “fair” enough to post.

    Go fuck yourself. Losers.

    Fuck, and I don’t even mine. I kill REAL targets with balls. Not knitting club members like you fucks.

    Fuck I gotta bad mouth. I’m outta here! Fuck me, get a life.

    • Ayako Sakaja Says:

      poor guy you really need some rest from game and go somewhere to RL to have some fun.

      I was killed 20 times or more (as miner, as trader-hauler with goods for sell, or just for fast passing through low-sec) and I am not whining.

      Yeah I am also not happy for this event, but is part of game and why I start playing eve is because really I can do what I want.

      • Ya missed the point moron so I’ll use a RL metaphor for you.

        This is done by the same type of wanker who’d knock over a headstone and then giggle like a girl behind the hedge.

        May as well shoot girls with a water pistol and call it a kill it’s that tough!

        Frankly, I’d be embarrassed. Just do us all a favour and refrain from using “gf” at the end of each lazy pop you pussies.

  16. Velocity Prime Says:

    January 5, 2010 at 8:21 pm
    How do we submit kills?

    What. A hulk???? A kill??? Fucking hero.

    Send ’em to CCP dickhead.

  17. Little Fistter Says:

    Wait… who is the real “care bear” here?

    A lone miner is a sitting dick, you attack him in a war ship, I dont see any risk on your side of the equation. This would be fair of each ganker had to pay a hundred million into a pool when they lost a fight.

    You guys are risking nothing. What, you gonna push your little sister next?

    Dickheads. This is lame.

    This should not count as PvP. Its just more bully tactics from, well, the real care beards!

    So, be a man and fight something that can fight back.

  18. Unknown Soldier Says:

    Well Im a miner.. not a good one.. lost 2 hulks in this game.. yes I was pissed but at least Hulkageddon says when not to show our nosy hulk in the belts. Call this like a wack a mole hunt!!! 🙂 Mining is the only thing i can do for the next couple of months due to slow internet connection. So at least this aint going to last all those months 🙂

    Well Have a nice hunt to you all!!! 😀

  19. Thanks for the warning…I’ll leave my ships docked for this next week. Good hunting!

  20. kenshaiso Says:

    hahah care beards. love it. hope to see all you miners out there whinging as usual 🙂

  21. Lusttgan Carebeer Says:

    Well now this just too cool to pop some bot hulks. Hmm which are bot and which are not. I wonder if there is a way to tell the difference. I just finished my toons training for mining with a hulk. It took a good deal of time. I am no bot and I am very happy to read this to save me and Eve-Online me the time and eve the money. If I had read this after my hulk was trashed for some contest trust me I would not be writing this. If you would like to hurt the bot runners do it on the mission runners.

    The mission rats as I call them run from station to station. There bots no one there running mission after mission. There should be a contest to trash as many as you can on them. Ah I would even enjoy that contest. The best contest would be to trash some of the really big hogs like Freighters now that would be cool in high security pop a few of them watch what happens.

    I have played a few online games over the last few years seen the bot’s, dupers even wasted time to try to stop them. The only people in this ganking in High Security is just the regular players. The people running bots in 0.0 will not have a problem with this. The same goes for bots in high security they will just wait till its over and run some more mission bots until the contest is over either way no big deal or great loss.

    I have talked to scripters they do not understand that it is a game. You see scripting or bots are there game getting away with it is there fun.

    So I guess this means I will be doing some pvp, PHEW PHEW XD

  22. Both arguments have some merits, fair play to hulkageddon for coming up with new idea for the game. I think it would be better though if the target was one of the big corps in the game, you could just draw the name out of a hat, and say everyone hunt ****** corp for a week and the winner gets a billion isk, or whatever. I’ve played the game 2 years now and have never mined, hate the idea. But attacking Hulks? hmmm, got friends in the game that spent long hours getting those ships, and have no fighting skills, and have took the time to mine for their isk, I think its just a bit mean spirited. I’d much rather see a competition, where the eve community stuck it to the man! (Any rich corp) now that would be fun, sign me up!

    • Well there ya go! That is indeed a much more inspiring and entertaining idea. And the cool thing about EVE is that you could make it so. So go on please! Organize that event and get a billion ISK involved and I’m positive you’ll have more players out to blow up ***** Corp than there are peeps out to kill the sheep mining community what has no teeth.

  23. DemiDemonic Says:

    Well I just started this game and this was the first day I could buy a mining barge. I didn’t know about Hulkageddon and I lost alot of credits I can’t really afford. Seeing as how I’m just starting I thought mining would be a good place to start but now I have to wait over a week to play my miner, not to mention the money I lost when I got ganked a few times.

    Not cool for new players. Not at all.

  24. Do I get prize for killing those “competitors” with hulk? 🙂

  25. kenzango dutra Says:

    PvP means Player Versus Player, where two or more people pew pew each other. however with with this Hulkageddon, only one side does any pew pew and thus is no PvP is taking place.

    instead this is sport, taking no chance of retaliation of the other player. by partaking in this you are not a PvPer but instead a simply killing for sport.

    killing for sport in a game made for PvP means you are bored, wanting easy kills for killmails.

    boredom in a game such as EVE is absolutely rediculous.

    if your wanting easy kills, and your certainly cocky enough to go around empire killing mining barges, hop over to lowsec to kill some transport and actually MAKE some money. or if your wanting some killmails join a nullsec corp. I know many corp that are always looking for people, especially now that dominion is out

  26. Anyone that plays a part of this in high sec are pussy scum and hulkaggedon can fuck off PRCIK

  27. nick mate Says:


    I personally will stay out mining whilst a lot of people are staying in. I can easily afford to loose a hulk. People shouldn’t go out in ships they can’t easily afford to replace.

    I think it would be a VERY good idea to destroy bot miners rather than honest afk miners like myself.

    nick mate

  28. I have a silly question. 😛

    I wanted to know if there is a ‘Hulkageddon’ contestant channel in game so those who are unable to participate can watch the fun 🙂 I guess I would equate it to listening to a sports game on the radio haha.

  29. Miner #4953183 Says:

    Please, think for a few seconds fellow miners. If you’re mining something for someone, tell them they’re going to have to wait because of hulkaggeddon. I have a feeling they’d understand the reasoning. If they won’t wait, tell them they’re going to have to fork over X isk in advance in addition to the contract so you can pay for lost vessels during hulkaggeddon. Or, you could always mine with… Oh I don’t know… Protection? (no not a condom you dumbass, a friendly fighter/battlegroup)

    Maybe it’s a complicated concept for some of you but people in the Medieval Ages understood it. When a group traders were going to be driving his wagon through rough territory they’d get soldiers or mercs to protect them and their stuff. Shocking, I know.

    • So, you are telling people how they should play eve? I assume mining is very boring and time consuming. Why do you want other players to be bored (guarding a miner) so that you can have fun? Take the blinkers off and see that you are the dimwit in this case

  30. I love it!
    To bad I’m currently building up my sec-status and wanting it above 0 again for a while (I’m visiting LvL4-missions of other ppl, shoot at their biggest NPC-target and let them build up my sec-status…), otherwise I’d love to be in that action. I hope on a hulkageddon III next year, then count me in 🙂
    In the meantime I’m killing more missionrunners that dare to shoot at me… many mauraders and CNRs downed already..
    And yeah.. they also say that this was no PvP and lame and I should go to 0.0 and blablabla… 😀

    And if it’s only shooting them like big game, hunting the deer.. then so be it.
    Kill hulks, mackinaws, hopefully orcas, too… I’m visiting your KB everyday, keep up the good work!

  31. Wow… That was some awesome grammar…

    Ok there are about 1 BILLION bot/macro miners in Moutid Ice Field. Where the heck are all you gankers when you would actuallty be appreciated??

    • its a bit quiet at the moment, surprisingly, some of the gankers appear to have lives! 😀

      best thing to do is join the hulkageddon II channel in game and see if there is gankers nearby or willing to travel there

  32. Wot is the password for the killboard????

  33. I submit that some of these killmails are fake, and blatantly so.

    http://hulkageddon2.griefwatch.net/?p=details&kill=1129 is one example

    • @jimbob its inevitable with a killboard that has public access, I remove the immediately obvious ones.
      Winners of prizes (such as the grand prize winners) will have to submit their API key to me, so I can verify their kills straight from EVE’s database, this should easily rule out cheating in that respect.

      Also wtf, I can’t even fly an ibis, srsly.

  34. Capt Sword Says:

    Personally I think this thing is a stupid, juvenile but of bullying. BUT equally, this is EVE and part of the beauty of the game is that things like this happen. My hulk ( now worth twice what I bought it for – tempted to sell) is parked; and for a week I’ll rat and do a few missions to get better standings. Then, in a week all, you pvp nuts and pirates will go back to killing each other and the occasional noob and I’ll go back to mining.

  35. as a support: 2 Hulks in Yona currently

    HAVE FUN !

  36. It is so obvious that hulkegeddon is organized by people who are trying to shoot up the hulk prices in game. I mean come on, all the macro miners are probably waiting in stations right now. All hulkegeddon is doing is killing regular miners who are doing this the right way. To be honest i don’t care since i don’t mine. What bothers me is this charade of you guys acting like this is for fun and to remove macro miners. It is all for you to make money off ballooned up hulk prices man. Just accept it and get on with your life.

  37. Hulkageddon had NO noticeable effect on Hulk pricing the last time around.

    For perspective, they’ve managed appx. 600 Hulk kills in almost 4 days of killing – Jita ALONE averages 200 Hulk sales a day for the month before this “event” started, and while prices have gone up SOME there it appears to be more to do with an attempt at market manipulation than actual shortage of Hulks.

    Oddly enough, my corp has been mining away trhough this with NO problems – but we’re not dumb enough to have all of us AFK at one time more than a minute, we don’t “cluster up” most of the time unless I’m leading a “fill the Orca” operation, and we dont’ mine in BUSY CROWDED systems where we’re easy to spot.

  38. Ralina Foley Says:

    Well, now I’ve seen it all. For the third time today, some noob alt comes flying out of nowhere and ganks my buddy then, why not, starts firing at my industrial, only to get superpwnzoid by CONCORD. As amusing as it is to hear my friends cries of dispair, its getting old. *Huff* I’m getting my Brutix…

  39. Rock Some Hulks Says:

    For shame… all those tears when all a highsec Hulk pilot has to do is tank. Just a little bit. And they either won’t be attacked or they’ll survive and the attacker will get Concorded.

    But squeezing that extra 5% out of their strip miners is more important. Greedy greedy greedy.

    I’m not participating in the fun, but I endorse this event. I love to see player run events in Eve.

  40. Happy Lil Miner Says:

    I enjoy Hulkageddon, it gives me a time to do missions for refining, and kills all those pesky Macro Miners

  41. Happy Lil Miner Says:

    I enjoy Hulkageddon, it gives me a time to do missions for refining, and kills all those pesky Macro Miners

    -sorry if this is a double post, didnt seem to get through

  42. I Hate Macro Miners Says:

    The more of these macro miners it gets rid of the better plus it gave me an opportunity to blast a few noobs too when they took a pot shot at my Hulk I jumped em with a cloaked Nemesis. Sweet !!

    Love all the other comments but looking forward to it ending though as I do like to do other things while I mine and only check the screen every few minutes.

  43. This has been some great fun, thanks for sponsoring this event.

    For all the whiney bitches out there, this is emergent sand-box gameplay, and its a heck of a lot of fun. Instead of complaining in these comments, try fitting your Hulk for pvp and surprising some pirates; imagine how stupid they will look on their killboards dying to a Hulk.

  44. But they’re not ALLOWING posts of THEIR deaths to their killboard. I guess it would shrink their ePeen too much to admit that a lot of their attempted ganks have failed.

    • the board is only for me keep track of the scores. it’s up to individual pilots to post their losses to *players* on their own board. (In python this is mandatory, though fortunately we had no losses to players)

      I hope that clarifies.

  45. hulkageddon your very bad response to the above tells me this may be true and your uoset that someine called you out so i will no long take place in what could be a china man needing more money from isk sales.

  46. minerjoebob Says:

    Hahahaha – you call that hard work? ROFL – tell us another funny!!

    You didn’t work, you just acted you age and intelligence. Two numbers that when added together still don’t get higher than 10.

    You’re a loser who would run at the first sign of a true fight. Someone who would call 1v1 then when losing decend on your opponent with your spineless “friends” and all you alts just so you could “claim” you won.

    I did look you up and I’ve seen more impressive earthworms.

    You’re a loser who is trying to make themselves look good by picking on the defenseless. Congrats you take the “schmuck who kicked the dog” prize.

    What an accomplishment, I bet your mom is so proud (not)

  47. Geren Thull Says:

    Im tempted to buy a hulk just to see how long i can get away with not being shot up in it.

  48. Richfarkinminerlol Says:

    I have heard all the Arguements, I have been ganked several times by some very talented players. I havent Yet figured out how to do it so I am in awe of the whole process.

    While I dont condone the killing of non-combatants, indy’s, haulers, etc. I will tell you that I decided once this whole ganking thing started I opened multiple accounts, I have a very large industrial fleet that now pulls in 4.6 billion isk per week and I dont bot mine.

    I deploy my fleet 7 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I recover my losses from ganking easily. I have gotten rich in game from these ganking games, I make so much isk now with my multiple accounts that I PLEX every account I have so thanks to the ganking games I now play Eve for free.

    Hulkageddon has made me a very rich toon indeed.

    BTW i am also a pvp’er and mission runner.

    Fly Safe

  49. Richfarkinminerlol Says:

    OH BTW, In addition, during the “Hulkageddon” time periods, I switch out my hulks to Covetors fully insured and lightly fitted and I make them myself so I make even more isk when it gets killed LOL so gank away and make me even more richer….

    Play the game, dont get played….

  50. Thanks for the tip, Keep up the great work.

  51. Ganking a hulk is just lame do they even now how much a hulk cost ?

    if you guys want to gank a hulk so bad go to Pandemic Legion`s terrein

    and try to gank one there

  52. A bit late to the party, but non the less.

    What a bunch of fucking whiners. Want some cheese with that? Eve is a dynamic universe, so STFU when something exciting happens. Sure, I lost a hulk, and my pod, along with all my purdy implants *cry*, but thats what happens when you go for coffee, no where is truely safe. And next time I will keep an eye out for the event, donate some ISK, and lock up my miner for the week. And read up on the aftermath. Win Win imo, simple

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