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Posted in Hulkageddon II on January 23, 2010 by MACHINE9
hulkageddon ii ends with over 1,200 exhumers destroyed
reported by ISD Clarity Brown | 2010.01.23 17:03:03 | NEW

Abudban, Heimatar – The Hulkageddon II event, in which pilots competed to destroy the most Exhumer-grade mining vessels over the course of a single week, came to a close on the 14.01.112 with a claimed 1,220 Exhumers destroyed. The top prize of 3 billion ISK was awarded to The United, with Final Agony and The Bastards claiming the 1 billion ISK award for second place and the 500 million ISK for third, respectively.

CONCORD SWAT Battleships in Nakugard IcebeltHulkageddon II’s organizer, Helicity Boson, has hailed the event as “a resounding success beyond my highest expectations!” Over 800 pilots are recorded as having participated, racking up almost 1800 registered kills, some 275 billion ISK-value in damage done and the loss of some estimated 100 – 250 thousand crewmen’s lives.

Reactions to the event have been wildly varied amongst the capsuleer community.

AeCha Anais of Cold Fusion Alliance protested SCC authorization of insurance payouts to those attackers who lost their vessels to CONCORD in the course of illegal assaults such as those committed during Hulkageddon II.

“It is not surprising to me that capsuleers are willing to sacrifice [their crewmembers’] lives as regrettably many of my kind have become immune to the plight of their crews and the crews of the ships they attack. What is surprising to me is that SCC (secure commerce commission) is subsidizing this atrocity at almost 100% to all the attacking ships.”

DBlade of RED.Overload commented “The bad side of [cluster warfare] I’ve been noticing is how often it just turns into picking fights with someone with little to no chance to fight back. This is another example of that.”

Imagonnawhupya is a pilot who joined the corporation Hulkageddon Orphanage especially the event – the corporation was sponsored by Helicity Boson to give lone pilots wanting to take part an easier way of finding fleets to work with. He explained his feelings about the event very simply.

“This has been a great event. I know I had fun if my victims did not.”

Even among industrialists, however, there were those who enjoyed the event. Nysse Alpha of Forward Thinking Industries gave her views.

“As a miner… I thoroughly enjoyed Hulkageddon II. My Hulk was safely parked in spacedock for the duration, but I found the whole event to be quite entertaining, and checked the killboards every day to see the Exhumer loses of all the window-lickers who thought they were safe, or thought they could out-tank the gank squads.

“Look forward to the next one.”

Though Hulkageddon II is now officially over and the prizes awarded, CONCORD officials warn that it may take a few weeks for the excitement inspired by the event to die down.

“We expect the levels of high-security suicide attacks to remain elevated for at least another week,” Sergeant Genevieve Uttersdottir stated. “Nowhere is ever truly safe from capsuleer attack and we urge miners in particular to remain alert, monitor their environment for threats and to be prepared to take evasive action if threatened.”

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First Batch of winners:

Posted in Hulkageddon II on January 17, 2010 by MACHINE9

And the winners are *drumroll*


1st place: 138 Exhumers: The United

2nd place: 108 Exhumers: Final Agony

3rd place: 94 Exhumers: The Bastards

“Godlike!” – Grimveous (contact jones bones for 1 navy frig of choice)
“Master Griefer” – Mirrorgod (contact kalius prime for a stealthbomber)
“I like my pods scrambled” – Grimveous
“Black Hole Hunter” – Major PewPew
“Reading is hard mmkay” –
“Haul it YOURSELF” – Alead Kajor
“Because of Falcon” – incomplete, prize moved to “haul it yourself”
“Pulling a NYNC” – incomplete
“Ebay Warrior” – l4z0r r0b0ts
“In W-space, no one can hear you scream” RPS holdings (contact IambeastX for your tengu)
“Space Whaler” – Quam Singulari (pending API review)
“ Nobody Expects the Inquisition” – Alex Logan
“One Hell of a Heathover” – Jed Nerrin (contact Crucible5 for your recon)
“Disco Stu” – grimveous
“Disco Goo” – grimveous
“Disco FEVER” – Major PewPEw
“Banhammer” – Grimveous
“Iceman” – Thehermit
“French Fried” – Kyle Langdon
“There can be only ONE!” – incomplete
“Skillpoints Schmillpoints” – Lady Maroon
“Reroller” – Cauchemare
“Keep em coming!” – Grunanca

The cutoff for your screenshots and videos for TEARS, Love/Hate and The oscar goes to achievements is MONDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. At which point I will also have mynxee draw the winning number for the jackpot! I’ll be contracting out prizes during the day, please accept them asap cos I only have 12 contract slots \o/

Hulkageddon II comes to an end.

Posted in Hulkageddon II on January 14, 2010 by MACHINE9

And that, as they say is that! After countless forum whines, hatemails, exploding people and ships, we have finally come to the end of the road for this iteration of Hulkageddon.

And I can safely say, it’s been a resounding success beyond my highest expectations!

The Damage:

After our week of preying on the defenseless, the stupid, or the plain braindead, we come to the following:

1220 Exhumers

332 Barges

12 Orcas

240 capsules

(and one Carrier, which is a bit silly, but I’m leaving it cos it’s cool)

According to the Griefwatch killboard, which undervalues exhumers significantly, this brings the damage inflicted to:

278,865,104,560 ISK

Needless to say, that is a poo-poo load of damage inflicted.

Now I’m going to spend a lot of time sorting out who won what, you can help by evemailing Hulkageddon Jackpot if you think you (or someone else) has completed an achievement. I’ll be handing out the prizes early next week!

Thank you all for joining, and making this event such a blast and a success!

Pop goes the orca!

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That makes TWO orcas for Quam Singulari!


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We have destroyed a thousand exhumers, still they sit AFK untanked in their belts!

Spread this image to raise awareness!

click for printable size!

click for printable size!