We have destroyed a thousand exhumers, still they sit AFK untanked in their belts!

Spread this image to raise awareness!

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  1. l4z0rr0b0tz Says:

    epic. never thought we’d reach 1000!

  2. Let me start I guess by saying I truely agree with going after all the afk miners out there!
    A. It will raise the price of minerals.
    B. It will raise the price of all barges and exhumers for people that build them.

    But on the other hand I feel sad that I have to sit there in a station and do nothing. I’m a new player and I understand what tanking means but I’ve spend all my time in game getting into a hulk, then listening to other to have the “best” hulk I started working on refining then ore reprocessing and mining drones etc. And I do fine vs rats in a belt but I have no tanking skills, let alone know what tanking skills I would need to survive if 4 ships (like in the posted videos) attacked me at once. If that could be tanked in a hulk.

    Or It would be nice if I knew that this “Event” was really aimed at afkers and that by accepting chat requests or by some other way of proving I’m not afk I could have a little comfort (yes I know there is always a risk in EVE that anyone could go after you but that’s not the same as wide spread attacks).

    Lastly I think It’s a shame that if I had to leave the desk/laptop/keyboard for a moment and someone assumed I was afk because I didn’t respond fast enough that they might just destroy my hulk and maybe even my pod, I have two small kids and when I hear a kid cry, scream or even a loud bump I’m up and I’m not going to waste time with right clicking and selecting the station and then selecting dock. My kids are far more important then any online game but it’s still upsetting that if I know it would take a long time for belt rats to destroy me, In any other game I would feel ok leaving my “character” just sitting there until I found out what was wrong with my kids but in EVE it’s like you don’t want to let “new” players achive…

    Or am I missing something?

    • You don’t have to sit in the station and do nothing at all, if you think a little on the subject, I’m sure you can come up with 5 different things you could to make isk right now, and I maintain that if you go sit in a system that has a low player count and keep an eye on local (and only go pee when you dock to drop off your ore) you can mine in perfect safety. 🙂

      • Unknown Soldier Says:

        Shes right you know.. EVE is so huge that there are systems with high sec with low ammount of players anyhwhere to get a bite off a belt. go into between 1.0 and 8.0 sec and im sure youll be fine 95% of the time ( cant say 100% theis always a risk to it 😛 ) Don t take your eyes off the puter 😛

        Anyway the event is almost over… cmon you can last 2 more days 😉

  3. I’m gonna have to bust the bubble of joy here. If your gonna suicide gank, make sure your targets cant run. I just had a gank attempt on my 4 man squad and it epicly failed because I managed to hit the warp command once I saw the bs’s come in.

    If your gonna gank someone, make sure you lock them down. Seeing a squad of hulks all pointing at the station = someone paying attention ready to warp off in a few seconds. I got my 3 hulks out with only half shield damage, and my orca was treated to a marvelous concordokken show and some nice loot and salvage. If each battleship had fitted a warp scrambler, that would’ve been a different story.

    @Confused: sadly, EVE is the kind of game that requires your full attention all the time when in space. There is no safe space, even in 1.0 security. Always keep your ships aligned. Always watch for first signs of trouble. If you must go afk, do so *after* docking. Every single gank story was because someone was sleeping at the wheel. Tanking these attacks is not possible, they use an entire rack of smart bombs or guns that will volley you for so much damage that no amount of tank or repair will keep up with. That’s the point of a gank ship…they’re not fitted for long fights, they are fitted to do incredible amounts of damage in a short time before concorde responds. Only defense is to get out before they blow you up. And it is possible to get out, if you keep a sharp eye on your screen.

    • So you were awake at the wheel and got away! EXCELLENT.

      That is precisely what we are trying to promote here.

      • I call your bluff on that one, seems more a scheme to inflate the prices of hulks and ores to me. Which is fine, Im stocking up on ore to sell during the event and make a nice profit, I just feel sorry for the poor saps, who most of them are probably not AFK

  4. slade dratsab Says:

    DESTROY ALL MACRO MINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. a beginner Says:

    destroying rich value, ok, its your thing

    but destroy, little beginner with navitas, catalyst or cruiser, its very poor and bad, for the beginner minner who work hard at the beginning story of minner career

    lots of this gang suicide is too silly and stupid, they havent brain, for calculate how they can digust a new player who think be in tranquilluty in 1.0/0.9

    kill the bots, the maccro minner, is a good idea, but, the finality is will be anything , no sense thing, disgusting at end

    stupid idea with give stupid acts, for stupids ”pilots”

    • It’s just a game. People tend to forget that. And when people start forgetting it’s just a game they should turn of their computers and take a walk in the sunshine.

      I love this game, is great. Lots of careers to follow, plenty of ways to earn isk, lots and lots of great people to get to know.

      But the greatest thing of all is that such a thing as the Hulkageddon can start. I would love to see hundreds of players in a WOW shard try to do the same. To start a revolution, if only for a week.

  6. OK, who’s got the hulk bpo here (wink wink nudge nudge)?

    • I wish I have one now… Yum, yum, sweet ISK…

      I love this game. This contest is very funny and the reactions obtained from the people are awesome!

      • Bacchanalian Says:

        Honestly, I think the only real impacts on the price of Hulks have come through speculation. The actual impact of taking down 1100 hulks (we’re almost there!) is minimal on the actual supply.

  7. Andrea Griffin Says:

    Helicity, is there a way for you to turn off the ‘Possibly Related Posts’ box under your posts? It is… not helpful to us:

    * Bush Describes Lofty Plans for His Retirement
    * “What Building? All I See Is A Wall!” said the Ant
    * Ridiculous Bullsh*t Awareness Day

  8. Nah.. no biggy.. macro mining pays back in 1-2 days.. you really think you have achieved something? 😀

    • Bacchanalian Says:

      Yes. It was a blast and a lot of people had a lot of fun!

      • Miner Inconvenience Says:

        ^this. Also, we turn a profit off your bodies, you lose precious time mining, and you get reported anyway for being macrowhores.

        It’s Win-Win, really.

  9. There’s plenty of belts where noone bothers much except for bumpers and ore thieves (GSC mining ftw).

    Instead of waiting in a station until its over just lay a little low for a while and mine with an (unrigged) Covetor. It’s cheap, insurable and does its job well. Well better than a docked Hulk anyways :p

  10. I love that they have taken out a mining carrier – with a hulk in the cargo bay surviving (I assume it was then killed to…)
    If you look at the fit, it was setup for cargo hauling (honor tanking?) and had mining drones…

  11. I mine quite often and I’m still pissing myself at these vids. Thats what insurance is for after all 😉
    Mining is boring as f##k..thanks for spicing it up a little!

  12. How come you guys do not post your losses as well? And do not say there have not been any cause I know there has.

  13. Disgruntled Miner II Says:

    I really endorse all the macrominer killings, keep up the good work chaps.
    You are helping put the miner back into reputable space.
    Show these greed ridden lazy hoes there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Hats off from DEEP CORE MINING Inc.

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