Pop goes the orca!


That makes TWO orcas for Quam Singulari!

9 Responses to “Pop goes the orca!”

  1. haha, 50k hp orca = you fail l2fit Damage Control and Bulkheads, no one needs those 40k extra cargo at the cost of 200k hp.

    • Really? You’d have to be majorly paranoid or carrying some pretty expensive cargo to bother fitting an Orca for HP in hi-sec. Even over a week Hulkageddon has only killed 2 of them, out of how many, the chances of getting ganked in an Orca are extremely low.

  2. The chances of getting ganked period are low assuming your actually playing the game.. and yeah 2 ORCA to 1000+ Exhumers…. 500+:1 odds pretty good… but its still a game and therefore as a miner I must make the following statement… Thanks guys (seriously) this week has been a blast dodging the odds… certainly spiced up one of the more boring professions in EVE… and Congrats to everyone on their kills!

  3. And now there’s 3rd

  4. There have actually been quite a few orcas killed 10 in the last 3 days alone.

  5. The “killing” music is too soft and happy. You should have used something like Shai Hulud – “hardly.” The tone and lyrics would have been spot on!

  6. QUAM have killed 3 Orcas and Hotdropped 1 other in low sec along with 2 Freighters… The orca kill was worth 21billion.


  7. Our Orca total is
    4 high sec
    1 low sec ( not counted in the competiton)

    video of the competition week rendering now, will be on my eve tomorrow at some point

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