Here we go! Hulkageddon II is GO!


-Helicity Boson

7 Responses to “AND WE ARE OFF!”

  1. Where is the killboard??? 😀

  2. […] runs on Coordinated Universal Time that means it is still January 6th for some of us.  But the go code has been […]

  3. As a miner, I enjoy the market prices increase to sell my stockpile to.

    Good luck you ‘horrible grieving bastards’ 😀

  4. Guess Who Says:

    This is simply to lame. a bunch of chickens …
    They are probably to coward to pick enemies with
    similar strengt.Well,i guess there is a lack of gentlemen and honor in the game. Don’t ya have better things to do? dont ya have eenemiesto fight ?

    Well,in generall , i consider you all A S S H O L E S !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Guess Who Says:

    We’ll be baiting and waiting

  6. Fang Blades Says:

    Guess Who, how can you accuse others of being “chickens” and “cowards” and also of not being gentlemen? While defending those that violently and maliciously destroy innocent peace loving rocks that are not harming anyone.

    And then there is the name calling at the end, that’s just confirms that you sir are also not a gentlemen.

    Have a nice day and remember to insure those Hulks. 😉

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