Hulkageddon, Tonight at midnight and aaaaall week.

Ladies and gentlemen!

In only a few hours, at midnight server time tonigh Hulkageddon II will start!
So go out, grab you ships and put your gank face on and kill as many miners as you can! High Sec, Low sec, Null sec, W-space, we don’t care where they pop as long as they do!

The even will run for a full week, till midnight on the 14th, at which point I will start sorting out the prizes.

Some important things:

– Every miner counts! (just not always for the main prize)
– BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF ISK IN PRIZES, some strategic cruisers too!
– Join the ingame channel Hulkageddon II
– Email screenshots of hatemail and your youtube links to:
– Post your miner kills to:
pass: boom
-No gang or corp to play with? Join the Hulkageddon Orphanage corporation and earn a special medal!
-Play the guessing game!
-Donate some isk to: Hulkageddon Jackpot in game!

And above all else! Have a lot of fun!

Please send me as much of the hatemail as you can screenshot, and mail me links to youtube videos, and I will post em all to the site right here!

Last new achievements:

“Skillpoints Schmillpoints” First person to score a killing blow on a hulk with a newbship
Trimarked Proteus with subsystems! provided by Zeethazon

“Reroller” Person with the lowest number of kills
Complete set of mining frigs, cruisers and a retriever + skillbooks provided by Nytetyger

“Keep em coming!” Most kills in the same system
10 catalysts provided by Lhotse Face

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17 Responses to “Hulkageddon, Tonight at midnight and aaaaall week.”

  1. Snipereagle1 Says:

    If anyone manages to gank Wilfur Starseeker, most likely in Molden Heath, especially Eldulf / Varigne, EVE-Mail “Snipereagle1” the KM for an extra 50M bounty! Old retarded corpie that deserves to be rewarded with a ganking!

    • Sniper you are a retarded peice of shit and i will raise 100m for anyone that can kill and podkill you in a hulk or ANY ship for that matter. And I hope now that you have rudely left my corp without so much as saying goodbye or giving a valid reason, you will please fuck off and stop making me and my members a target for high sec ganking and warfare. We have done nothing against you, and your reasons are personal and not game related and should stay out of game as such. I now bid you goodbye and hope i don’t have to deal with anymore shit from you in future. If anyone around here is retarded and deserves a ganking it’s YOU for not getting over old shit and let it rest.

      Peace the fuck out, please leave us the fuck alone.

  2. Skillpoints award is awesome. I can’t even fly a Proteus and I want to win that. LOL

  3. A Request….
    In the confusion of Hulkageddon, if someone were to blow up “Sorrow Plant” and his toon “JOHN BRUBAKER” I would be greatly appreciative and you will be rewarded. (15 Mil ISK – upon link to Killboard verifying)
    I mean….Missles, Guns, Concord, Screaming Miners begging for their lives, Ambushes…someone might get confused..and say…target them…then Shoot them…then kill them…then loot them….
    Thank you and Mine On…er.. I mean Kill ’em.

  4. So if were poppin miners what we do when our ships goes boom by concord? bit of a stupid competition really init. screw dat i dont fancy losing ships ill stick to mining in haatomo thank you very much

  5. heh if your worried about losing ships while ganking maybe you should avoid playing with real players for another year or so

  6. Wilfur Starseeker Says:

    You asshole son of a btch bastard mother F@#^er your a total whore ok. You piece of bullshitted crap, you deserve a fucken gankig I already learned my lessonafter losing two hulks in a less than a week trying ot mine wormhole space. Your the fucken jackass who decided to make his own corp and take like 70% of our members with you. Thanks for giving me another reaso why humanity in itself is bullshitted crap selfish, intolerant, useless, and utterly ignorant of anything other than itself. You are one of the reasons why I want the human race extinct. Oh and ya I’d die too I dont fucken care humanity has yet to learn at all.

  7. I enjoy how this is setup.

    You guys are killing Hulks because you hate afk miners and, according to the owner of this blog, you had that the PVP in EVE isn’t consensual. So you use what you want remove to try to stop it, which won’t work since it is how the game is designed to be since CCP proclaims the sandbox and how it is a GOOD thing that you can pvp whenever whereever. Also that this is how the game was supposed to be designed and no one is forcing anyone to play the game if they don’t like how it is done.

    So you decide to go after “afk miners”. “afk miners” because you don’t actually confirm that the miners are afk before you fire. Why stop at miners? You could gank a ton of other ships too.

    I also wonder if you guys are building a ton of exhumers and barges to make a ton of money off this, or even if that is the whole point of the exercise.

    Anyway, cheers!

    • Mostly practical reasons, it’s not terribly feasable to ploitely convo every potential target to see if they are AFK.
      So instead I made two weeks of gigantic hype, told miners what to do (look at local, warp if you see pirates) and left the rest of the responsability for their safety to themselves. 🙂

  8. I see this as a good way to add a little missioning experience to my mining char. It is a good initiative to get the afk’ers to be more awake, although i think the real afk’ers will be parked or do not even know what’s going on.

    I symphasise with the initiative, it keeps the game alive for every player. It’s just too bad some of the “keyboard heroes” start smacking about pixels. It’s a game and if it can be done legally in-game, don’t make a fuss about it. Even relations to real-life things are not in order, it is a game and you need to look out before saying things about something happening in that game. That, or learn the difference between real life and this.

    Will be looking at the killboard in the upcoming time.

  9. Wilfur Starseeker Says:

    Or if youdont want to get shot, just mine in space where your protected by concord if ur going to afk mine
    u dont afk mine if ur mining good ore in low security space
    I’ve lost two hulks in wormhole space cause I thought people were decent and not total douchebags, I was wrong, now I know what I should do and how not afk I should be when in wormhole space. And probably if this “event” is actually done, and a lot of pilots lose hulks, you’ll raise the value of any hulks currently being sold or soon to be put on market, cause really, making a hulk and trying to sell it you usually don’t make much of or even any profit at all.

  10. I have 10m to the guy that gets Wilf’s corpse when they blow up his hulk. Just contract me the corpse, will take multiple!!

  11. sirmcannon Says:

    lmao gotta love eve! good one 2lost

  12. Miner Mule Says:

    I just can’t wait for Hulkageddon III should be very interesting then.

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