Hulkageddon Update!

Posted in Hulkageddon II on January 9, 2010 by MACHINE9

Hello again my comrades and foes!

Welcome to the Hulkageddon update! I just got up after some well-deserved sleep and am bringing you the latest from the frontlines!

At the time of this writing, 643 exhumers, 123 capsules and 108 barges have been destroyed!

This represents a value of approximately 134,6 BILLION ISK destroyed! Nice work!

Currently, the leaderboard for the top three prizes looks like this:

1)  HYDRA RELOADED  56 kills

2) Final Agony 54 kills

3) The United 52 kills

4) Wrath of Fenris 39 kills

5) Core Impulse 37 kills

6) The Bastards 34 kills.

Also a strong showing from several other corps lingering around the 25-30 mark and I’m especially pleased to report that all the poor orphaned gankers that joined the Hulkgeddon Orphanage are aquitting themselves very well at 26 kills

Note that the above only counts Exhumers, even though a great many barges and capsules have also been destroyed.

Enough with the numbers, now let us move on to pretty pictures!

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This about sums it up.

Posted in Hulkageddon II on January 9, 2010 by MACHINE9

Big update post coming tomorrow btw (almost 600 exhumers right now!)

A few hours later.

Posted in Hulkageddon II on January 7, 2010 by MACHINE9

So, exhausted from typing into 23521 convo windows and channels, I went to sleep.

Then I woke up and went to see the killboard.  And what do Isee? 177 dead exhumers, 36 pods and 18 barges

An early winner seems to be LADY MAROON,  a goon in disguise who infiltrated a mining corp to gank a hulk using a noobship. Very clever! I haven’t checked all the kills before that point yet, but it would appear that Lady Maroon will be the happy winner of a proteus!

Which brings me to a good point: if you are doing an achievement, it would be nice if you left a comment here or evemailed me about it. Will make my life a little easier when sorting prizes later!

On the smack department, I received these two wonderful screenshots from Dalmont in Final Agony (who are currently in the lead):

incidentally, this guy sent me some hate too x)

A fine example of cruise control for cool.

AND, we got our first video of the event today as well!

Seems people are having a blast! Please keep sending me your smacktalk screenshots and your videos, which you can mail to:

Keep the fires burning!

-Helicity Boson

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Just over an Hour in

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And we have 45 kills on the board at this time of writing.

Check out the mayhem!


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Here we go! Hulkageddon II is GO!


-Helicity Boson

Hulkageddon, Tonight at midnight and aaaaall week.

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Ladies and gentlemen!

In only a few hours, at midnight server time tonigh Hulkageddon II will start!
So go out, grab you ships and put your gank face on and kill as many miners as you can! High Sec, Low sec, Null sec, W-space, we don’t care where they pop as long as they do!

The even will run for a full week, till midnight on the 14th, at which point I will start sorting out the prizes.

Some important things:

– Every miner counts! (just not always for the main prize)
– BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF ISK IN PRIZES, some strategic cruisers too!
– Join the ingame channel Hulkageddon II
– Email screenshots of hatemail and your youtube links to:
– Post your miner kills to:
pass: boom
-No gang or corp to play with? Join the Hulkageddon Orphanage corporation and earn a special medal!
-Play the guessing game!
-Donate some isk to: Hulkageddon Jackpot in game!

And above all else! Have a lot of fun!

Please send me as much of the hatemail as you can screenshot, and mail me links to youtube videos, and I will post em all to the site right here!

Last new achievements:

“Skillpoints Schmillpoints” First person to score a killing blow on a hulk with a newbship
Trimarked Proteus with subsystems! provided by Zeethazon

“Reroller” Person with the lowest number of kills
Complete set of mining frigs, cruisers and a retriever + skillbooks provided by Nytetyger

“Keep em coming!” Most kills in the same system
10 catalysts provided by Lhotse Face

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Proud sponsors of Hulkageddon and your mom.

The ever-wonderful Bozos plugged the hulkageddon event in their podcast this week! (and donated a large sum of isk to the jackpot). If you like the odd spot of wicked evil then give them a listen! (Not for wimps, pussies, or people afraid of the word Fuck)