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hulkageddon ii ends with over 1,200 exhumers destroyed
reported by ISD Clarity Brown | 2010.01.23 17:03:03 | NEW

Abudban, Heimatar – The Hulkageddon II event, in which pilots competed to destroy the most Exhumer-grade mining vessels over the course of a single week, came to a close on the 14.01.112 with a claimed 1,220 Exhumers destroyed. The top prize of 3 billion ISK was awarded to The United, with Final Agony and The Bastards claiming the 1 billion ISK award for second place and the 500 million ISK for third, respectively.

CONCORD SWAT Battleships in Nakugard IcebeltHulkageddon II’s organizer, Helicity Boson, has hailed the event as “a resounding success beyond my highest expectations!” Over 800 pilots are recorded as having participated, racking up almost 1800 registered kills, some 275 billion ISK-value in damage done and the loss of some estimated 100 – 250 thousand crewmen’s lives.

Reactions to the event have been wildly varied amongst the capsuleer community.

AeCha Anais of Cold Fusion Alliance protested SCC authorization of insurance payouts to those attackers who lost their vessels to CONCORD in the course of illegal assaults such as those committed during Hulkageddon II.

“It is not surprising to me that capsuleers are willing to sacrifice [their crewmembers’] lives as regrettably many of my kind have become immune to the plight of their crews and the crews of the ships they attack. What is surprising to me is that SCC (secure commerce commission) is subsidizing this atrocity at almost 100% to all the attacking ships.”

DBlade of RED.Overload commented “The bad side of [cluster warfare] I’ve been noticing is how often it just turns into picking fights with someone with little to no chance to fight back. This is another example of that.”

Imagonnawhupya is a pilot who joined the corporation Hulkageddon Orphanage especially the event – the corporation was sponsored by Helicity Boson to give lone pilots wanting to take part an easier way of finding fleets to work with. He explained his feelings about the event very simply.

“This has been a great event. I know I had fun if my victims did not.”

Even among industrialists, however, there were those who enjoyed the event. Nysse Alpha of Forward Thinking Industries gave her views.

“As a miner… I thoroughly enjoyed Hulkageddon II. My Hulk was safely parked in spacedock for the duration, but I found the whole event to be quite entertaining, and checked the killboards every day to see the Exhumer loses of all the window-lickers who thought they were safe, or thought they could out-tank the gank squads.

“Look forward to the next one.”

Though Hulkageddon II is now officially over and the prizes awarded, CONCORD officials warn that it may take a few weeks for the excitement inspired by the event to die down.

“We expect the levels of high-security suicide attacks to remain elevated for at least another week,” Sergeant Genevieve Uttersdottir stated. “Nowhere is ever truly safe from capsuleer attack and we urge miners in particular to remain alert, monitor their environment for threats and to be prepared to take evasive action if threatened.”

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12 Responses to “From the ISD news network”

  1. This is the beauty of EVE. The sandbox gameplay of this style, not to mention the ISD post, has certainly got me back at my keyboard during mining runs.

    I’m looking to branch out of mining, but I’m not sure what to go for next. So I’m training more defensive skills in the meantime.

    But yes, if this gets rid of bot miners, more power to you. I wonder if there is any real effect on the economy though.

    And I do find it odd that you haven’t posted any losses. You gave ample warning this time, so some must have been prepared.

  2. Pod Pilot Says:

    I thought this was a wonderful event… woke up many to the dangers of playing EVE.

    Maybe we could have a TRANSPORTAGEDDON… go for haulers…
    Categories also… :p

    Industrials: Basic haulers
    Transporters: T2 haulers
    Frieghters: Mother of all haulers

    and of course loot dropped would be bonus points.

    Not only would this be a good old time… I think it would have a much bigger IMPACT on the EVE Economy that hitting the miners… griefiing.. not really… just good old fun!

  3. Just a Miner Says:

    Do the transport killing and call it haulocaust 😛

  4. Remember:

    When my Macro Mining Hulk with T1 drones gets the ‘Final Blow’, I get 26 Battleclinic Points

    When you kill a Hulk you get 2 BattleClinic Points

    I have 40 Billion in ISK

    You have pennies

    My AFK Mining BattleClinic Stats display a kill rating of 99% awesome.

    Yours are pirate shit and barely 50% kills.

    It is perfectly obvious you have penus envy.

  5. If u ready start “Hulkageddon 3”. My corp ready spend 2kkk for it. Also know some one who can do same. Contact with me over E-mail.

  6. nerfherder Says:

    Too bad pod equipped ships don’t have crews.. (thus why concord allows a ships destruction on an aggression counter but not a pod)

    Otherwise a good read.

  7. You people are quite sad.

  8. I just came across this event and I was very impressed and excited. Although I missed it, it reminds me of how I used to play eve.

    Years and years ago, I used to make gallente trial alts. I would fly an Incursus with 3 ion blaster w/antimatter, a scram and a web, an after burner, and nanofibers.

    I would can bait macro miners, stealing their cans and copying their can names. If they were truly macro mining, this would cause them to flag themselves to me. I killed a number of miners and haulers but one day I came across what I believed to be a chinese gold farmer mining in an Apocolypse in a 0.7 system. His cans were labeled “1” “2” and “3”.

    I immediately turned on my afterburner and bee-lined towards can “1”. Bouncing off of it, I stole as much ore as my tiny frigate could hold. I then ejected the ore with a sly smile, transferring the rest of the ore from his can “1” into my can, and renamed my can “1”.

    Three short seconds later, he started flashing red and IT WAS ON. My heart started hammering so fast… then he launched his drones. Three Infiltrator I’s and two mining drones. I kept the Apoc scrambled and got to work webbing and killing his drones. They got my armor halfway down before I popped the last one, and I realized that all I had to do now was finish off the Apoc. Luckily I was carrying 2000 antimatter charges, and wouldn’t be running out any time soon.

    The miner logged off at this point, but I had him scrambled, so he wasn’t going anywhere. It took me over 20 minutes to wear him down, but I finally popped him. The loot was terrible, but it was one of my favorite video game moments ever.

    This was back in the days of killmails. I cherished that killmail so much I was sad when my trial ran out. I saved the killmail to a text file. Sadly, I did not have fraps intalled. This text file is all I have. I don’t care that a text file is not credible and killmails can easily be forged. I know it’s real, and I will always have that memory of the beautiful explosion caused by my light electron blasters…

    I’ve included the original text file, it was a copy/paste of every killmail my trial alt got druing his two week trial. The apoc kill is like the second one from the bottom I think. Mostly the kills are frigates, haulers, and mining barges, maybe a destroyer or two.

    Anyways, here is a weapon hit I recorded on his hull, followed by the killmail:

    2006.08.12 10:03:06 combat Your Light Ion Blaster I perfectly strikes txida , wrecking for 95.5 damage.

    2006.08.12 10:10

    Victim: txida
    Alliance: None
    Corp: Imperial Academy
    Destroyed: Apocalypse
    System: Oursulaert
    Security: 0.9

    Involved parties:

    Name: porchmonkey4life (laid the final blow)
    Security: -2.3
    Alliance: None
    Corp: Federal Navy Academy
    Ship: Incursus
    Weapon: Light Ion Blaster I

    Destroyed items:

    Expanded Cargohold I
    Miner II
    Miner II
    Miner II
    Miner II
    Expanded Cargohold I
    Co-Processor I
    Co-Processor I
    Veldspar, Qty: 7470 (Cargo)
    Veldspar, Qty: 227 (Cargo)

    Also, hilariously enough, the reason my characters sec status is -2.3 in the above killmail is because i podded someone at the old noob areas. I dropped a can and he took it, I blew up his noobship, then I podded him. I warped out RIGHT before concord got there, warping to the other side of the galaxy (I had it all planned out, and was using nanofibers). I immediately warped BACK across the galaxy, again with concord warping in just as I entered warp… I could see them target me and i barely warped out. As i came out of warp for the second time, I was already aligned to station (having already planned this out). I warped this time to a bookmark 15k behind the station (this was before warp to zero). Having run out the 30 second aggression timer for docking, i was able to dock immediately as I came out of warp. I docked, and laughed out loud for about 30 seconds about the fact that I had just successfully killed and podded someone in 1.0 space WITHOUT losing my ship to concord. Something that, as far as I know, nobody has ever done, before or since.

    I also sent the noob that I had just killed 5m isk, which was worth a LOT more back in 2006. And more valuable to to the noob(probably), I thoroughly explained what had just happened to him and how to avoid having it happen again.

  9. EVE is a game that is not yet complete, no room too much development, but give opportunity to any idiot can destroy someone’s work for months, and thank god idiots are enough, and that is not all there are people who manipulate them, it is actually sad

    In fact everyone says it’s only a game is for fun anyway, but this game can ever find a new reality in which he escaped, but already talk of things that those who organize these things they do not understand

    fun, it just so I understand what I’m talking

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