First Batch of winners:

And the winners are *drumroll*


1st place: 138 Exhumers: The United

2nd place: 108 Exhumers: Final Agony

3rd place: 94 Exhumers: The Bastards

“Godlike!” – Grimveous (contact jones bones for 1 navy frig of choice)
“Master Griefer” – Mirrorgod (contact kalius prime for a stealthbomber)
“I like my pods scrambled” – Grimveous
“Black Hole Hunter” – Major PewPew
“Reading is hard mmkay” –
“Haul it YOURSELF” – Alead Kajor
“Because of Falcon” – incomplete, prize moved to “haul it yourself”
“Pulling a NYNC” – incomplete
“Ebay Warrior” – l4z0r r0b0ts
“In W-space, no one can hear you scream” RPS holdings (contact IambeastX for your tengu)
“Space Whaler” – Quam Singulari (pending API review)
“ Nobody Expects the Inquisition” – Alex Logan
“One Hell of a Heathover” – Jed Nerrin (contact Crucible5 for your recon)
“Disco Stu” – grimveous
“Disco Goo” – grimveous
“Disco FEVER” – Major PewPEw
“Banhammer” – Grimveous
“Iceman” – Thehermit
“French Fried” – Kyle Langdon
“There can be only ONE!” – incomplete
“Skillpoints Schmillpoints” – Lady Maroon
“Reroller” – Cauchemare
“Keep em coming!” – Grunanca

The cutoff for your screenshots and videos for TEARS, Love/Hate and The oscar goes to achievements is MONDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. At which point I will also have mynxee draw the winning number for the jackpot! I’ll be contracting out prizes during the day, please accept them asap cos I only have 12 contract slots \o/

7 Responses to “First Batch of winners:”

  1. Andrea Griffin Says:

    “You Can Have My Stuff” – Helicity Boson

    Nobody can beat evoking nerd rage out of an MMO-playing nun.

  2. For some of the single kill type achieves it would be neat to see a link to the mail. The one that sparked the idea was most expensive hulk kill…

  3. l4z0rr0b0tz Says:

    Correction – I should have won the ebay warrior prize since I got the KB for that KM 🙂

  4. If I don’t win the Jackpot I’m podding you at the earliest opportunity. :-p

    • Nice, grats to those who’ve obtained accomplishments so far! Look forward to seeing the rest and …. the other thing that you’re excited about 🙂

  5. Ebay Warrior” – l4z0r r0b0ts

    You did dude

    And I won “French Fried” I actually won something! I’m so excited!!!

  6. Kreios Dyeus Says:

    “Reading is hard mmkay”
    not sure about this but i think i may be the winner for this one or i maybe wrong

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