Hulkageddon II comes to an end.

And that, as they say is that! After countless forum whines, hatemails, exploding people and ships, we have finally come to the end of the road for this iteration of Hulkageddon.

And I can safely say, it’s been a resounding success beyond my highest expectations!

The Damage:

After our week of preying on the defenseless, the stupid, or the plain braindead, we come to the following:

1220 Exhumers

332 Barges

12 Orcas

240 capsules

(and one Carrier, which is a bit silly, but I’m leaving it cos it’s cool)

According to the Griefwatch killboard, which undervalues exhumers significantly, this brings the damage inflicted to:

278,865,104,560 ISK

Needless to say, that is a poo-poo load of damage inflicted.

Now I’m going to spend a lot of time sorting out who won what, you can help by evemailing Hulkageddon Jackpot if you think you (or someone else) has completed an achievement. I’ll be handing out the prizes early next week!

Thank you all for joining, and making this event such a blast and a success!

44 Responses to “Hulkageddon II comes to an end.”

  1. MeShootLaserYouEye Says:

    Thanks for an awesome event! its been a BLAST!

    and to the whiners – Get over it! šŸ˜›

  2. Yes, this has been a great event and well done for organising it. When is the next one?

  3. A friendly suggestion from an observer: if you ran them for shorter periods but more frequently, it might be easier. Also turn on auto-reject for convos, heh. šŸ™‚

  4. Miner Inconvenience Says:

    Love this event. Look forward to actually being part of it next time. šŸ™‚

  5. I really think this should be a permanent ongoing project! It would force miners to seek the protection of deep 0.0, land of Sov upgrade Grav sites.

    • Miner Inconvenience Says:

      Not to mention teaching them how to not get attacked. The first step in PVP is being able to avoid a fight. If you can disengage an opponent, you’ve got the upper hand.

  6. Amazing. I actually have a counter idea for an event that I’m going to bounce off you

  7. you may want to open the killboard back up.. i know off a few kills that occurred during the competition that werent posted yet

  8. Wow, what an absolute blast. Great job everyone, this is why most of us play this game.

  9. Zap Rowsdower Says:

    Well I have to count this event as a resounding success for my Hulk. With my loadout I withstood attacks from: A Maelstrom, an Abbadon, a Megathron, a Typhoon, and an attack from no less than five jihad ships whose classes I could not identify because while trying to gather that info the ships were popped. I continued my mining just to see if I could create a setup tough enough to survive. I thank all of you that helped me determine that I could and at the same time provided me with an abundant amount of salvage items that some of you through happenstance managed to buy some of your own equipment back. Maybe next time I will go back to mining on purpose to see if I can do it again since I was only doing it this time to make some isk while I corrected flaws in my earlier training since this is my first MMO. And to the pilot in the Hurricane that actually tried to insult me into trying to engage you, I have encountered better insults from Wino Bob in Atlanta, you better go read some books in the library and practice!!!

  10. Well I made a fortune from the Hulks & Mack’s I picked up before Dominion to sell for this event.

    6 Bil in profits, god i love this game.

  11. I'm a Miner.... Says:

    and I dug the event….if they went down in flames, their bad….keep us honest and hopefully some of us put up a fight (I know I did….I did notice your lack of losses on your KB, though…..)

    • the board is only for me keep track of the scores. it’s up to individual pilots to post their losses to *players* on their own board. (In python this is mandatory, though fortunately we, personally, had no losses to players)

      I hope that clarifies.

      • I'm a Miner.... Says:

        Absolutely….and congrats on a successful op….good coordination on your part to keep all your gankboats in space….I really have no problem with the event and to the miners who lost ships/implants/clones/whatever, my condolences… was fun getting it the first time, and this will make you appreciate the struggle again….

        Everyone have fun and remember it’s just a game….nothing personal.

  12. Businesswoman Says:

    This sure made business easy for me, lots of profit from this event.
    However, people who think miners should be chased out of existance, let’s see you get your T2 vessels and hardware which are solely made by other players like myself, pvp would surely get interesting if everyone had only t1 stuff. Industrial players like I could start ganking you guys with our hulks and orcas šŸ™‚ Never forget to whom you owe your gratitude to for your awesome ships and battles.

    And it is a wanker who thinks that shooting sitting ducks is somehow cool, pvp means challenging someone who is actually a challenge.

    Think Klingon, people. Glory and honor.

    • Julius Remus Says:

      Klingons believe in Victory in war no matter what. They will cloak a bird of prey and wait amongst damaged ships to ambush the unwary rescue vessel. That to them is honourable.

  13. Real Businessman Says:

    As ever women miss the point. As t2 producer myself and hating miner i can assure you that the least amount needed for t2 is asteroid minerals. The t2 argument is invalid cause most t2 stuff is made from advanced minerals aka moonmining anyway while the t1 version required for manufacturing is the least in consume of minerals aslong its no t2 battleship.

    Besides that 40 to 60% of the minerals on market are refined missionloot see ccp stats on that….than there are the droneregions and you see where the miner % go ^^.

    Your gratitude should go out to the people that insurance fraud and keep mineral prices from dropping even further… like me ;p.

    Said that it was not about pvp but an event…. and it went out great. Lots profit for me…and fun for the rest ;P. Congratulations on whoever wins the prices you did great :).

    • Poncho Killa Says:

      err… don’t T2 ships require a T1 ship as a major component? And where do you get the materials to make those then šŸ˜‰ Take it from someone who makes T2 things.

      I also doubt that 40% – 60% are mission loot. Where do those figures come from? I think you pulled them out of your nose.

      Glad I’m not in business with you.


      • While your first point is valid, your second is not. The QEN from CCP stated this sometime last year. And I’m going to guess that they have better data access than any of us players.

  14. Good work, sir. A job well done!

  15. I’m reply to “Real businessman”, if you look at the top of the kill board page, int the top pick, it says “DON’T AFK MINE”. the spirit of this competiton is against afk miner (BOTS).

    Any real player KNOWS if ya go afk anywhere but in a station you stand a high risk of getting popped. So don’t get all pissy when your AFK miner (BOT) gets ganked.

    And to those miners that were not AFK mining, hopefully you learned a few survival skills.

    I’m a miner and not a participant of this event. You take a risk just undocking from station (even in high sec). So your production/profit had a little dip in it. Deal with it and move on.

    • Miner Inconvenience Says:

      Eh, say what you want. It was against anyone in a barge or exhumer. Especially if they weren’t paying any attention.

  16. An interesting comp – should teach any one who wants to macro mine a lesson.

    • Zap Rowsdower Says:

      I actually did some macro mining whilst this was going on and with my fit I managed to hold off all attackers until CONCORD took care of them for me. But let me say again that I was doing this to check out how good of a fit I came up with for my Hulk and that I do it sometimes when I am taking care of an incapacitated family member.

  17. Thanks for putting on such a great event. May the next one be just as destructive!

  18. Personally I found that the event made become aware of the scale of the number of macro miner. Completely hallucinating (Where from little of number of smack).

    We were able to have of good exchange with “real” miners in private convo, they providing very good informations also, and in spite of the aspect of the tournaments, some were enchanted about the “the cleaning ” of afk minerz.

    • Mirilene Would like to get ‘Macro Cleaned’ Next time (ASAP) please got totally missed out this year :(((

      Got about 10 local macro Bots i think here šŸ˜¦

  19. Hel – you’re a star and one of my heroes. Thanks for organising this and as CEO of The Bastards, I want to thank you for setting this up. TheHermit has been our organiser from The Bastards and has, no doubt, crawled to bed to get some rest. As should you!!

  20. \o/
    Congrats Hel, for a job well done!
    Also, many thanks to El’Tar for starting what became a massive roll of prizes.

    And of course, to everyone who took part. I didn’t imagine 1000+ before for a moment. And yes, that’s thanks to everyone, even the whiney gankees.

  21. […] are right – EVE is not designed to create truly safe places, and they proved it by sending a 278B ISK reminder to high sec miners. ‹Previous Post First Taste of Fleet […]

  22. you are a mean person, and should be forced to mine minerals to replace all the damage your horrible event caused to the friendly miners of Eve.


  23. Hi.

    I hope all of you enjoyed the show.
    Although my heart is bleeding considering the losses of the miners and the carebears, I am also on fire realizing the fun-potential on this.

    Most important for everyone: I hope all of you have learned things – the carebears how to avoid or counterattack, the Hulkageddonists to enjoy the game.

    Fly reckless!

  24. I still think this whole thing was really orchestrated by those who have bpo’s for hulks so they could make more money.

  25. be hidden Says:

    I made this week 1.4 billion ISK with my miners. Like every week. The Hulkaggedon hurts only the legitimate miners. šŸ™‚

  26. Just another carebear =) Says:

    I congratulate you guys on nailing 1564 true idiots.
    At least those 1564 morons are now listed, registered, and branded.

    Any smart miner would have stayed in a dock the first day or two, and you guys would have gotten bored, and gone back to noob can baiting, jita scamming, ninja salvaging, and whatever else you might find interesting.

    You did much better than I would ever have dared think.

    I cry on behalf of the smart mining community, and I piss on the pods of the slain miners. And now I am going back to mining in peace and quiet, just as I intended my paying the subs for.

  27. Massive shoutou to you Helicity!

    Thanks from myself and Core Impulse & friends, we had a blast taking part, perhaps next time around we’ll be rich enough to donate some prizes too!

  28. Well it’s jan 15 now
    And… spending the last weeks out in 0.0 ratting in my new assult ships, doing lvl 4 missions with corpmates ( for the first time i might add ) in a battleship i’ve used way too little …after this i’ve yet lost a hulk to the hulkageddon, kept my cuddlebugg ( yea… thats my hulks name ) well docked.

    Congratulations to a successfull event, eve really needs player events to help keep the world alive

    over the years i’ve lost… 5 hulks… one or two barges before that. rage quit the game once i might add, but after the last 2 hulks i lost i barely lifted an eyebrow. For everyone complaing, or silently complaining, mourning the loss of their exhumer: Welcome to EvE

    And i leave you all with this quote and link
    “This is EVE, a universe of cold, hard working, and merciless players. This is our world outside of the real, we are a mimic of the War Profiteers and Black Market monsters that effect everyone in real life today. We profit off of your misery, we make advancements by stealing yours, and we take your merciful attitudes, chew it up, and spit it out. But here is the best part: you will most likely mistake us for someone who cares.”

  29. What a nice event, i am a new player and learning everyday new things in EVE. The first thing my corp member lernt me is: Do never fly a ship you cant affort.

    I guess when you can’t (like me) and you got a nice ship just stay in with the Hulk and take a cheaper ship to do the mining. Thats how i did it and i will do next time, unless i got enouf isk to affort anotherone easy.

    People who get mad about being shot out of their ship should realy think about why they do cry about that little pile of pixels. Or take the advise šŸ™‚

    For the peeps who workt their asses to get big prices, good for you, you can buy a hulk now, haha.

  30. I find it a bit nasty. I do not mind loosing hulks in a campaign like this, but when i get a killmail it should at least record:

    2010.01.07 17:33:00

    Victim: Krillis
    Corp: GoonFleet
    Alliance: GoonSwarm
    Faction: NONE
    Destroyed: Typhoon
    System: Gulfonodi
    Security: 0.5
    Damage Taken: 51371

    Involved parties:

    Name: CONCORD Police Commander / CONCORD
    Damage Done: 49985

    Name: Bea Tris (laid the final blow)
    Security: 2.3
    Corp: Dominion Developers
    Alliance: NONE
    Faction: NONE
    Ship: Hulk
    Weapon: Hammerhead II
    Damage Done: 1386

    Destroyed items:

    Ballistic Control System I
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Cataclysm Cruise Missile, Qty: 21
    Dual 650mm Repeating Artillery I, Qty: 2
    1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I, Qty: 3
    Arch Angel Nuclear L, Qty: 468
    XT-9000 Cruise Launcher, Qty: 2
    Large Shield Extender II, Qty: 2

    Dropped items:

    Sensor Booster II
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Cataclysm Cruise Missile, Qty: 63
    Dual 650mm Repeating Artillery I, Qty: 2
    1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
    Arch Angel Nuclear L, Qty: 117 (Cargo)
    Cataclysm Cruise Missile, Qty: 4757 (Cargo)
    Arch Angel Nuclear L, Qty: 156
    Warp Scrambler II
    Arch Angel Proton L, Qty: 404 (Cargo)
    XT-9000 Cruise Launcher, Qty: 2
    Scan Resolution

    • To be fair that is the preference of the corp/alliance that lost the ship. The Hulkageddon killboard is the record the Hulks and other mining ships lost in the event. For example in Python if that had been me that had been killed I would have had to post that loss. But it wouldn’t go onto the HAG killboard but our alliance killboard instead.

      Also, lots of non-exhumer kills were removed from the board so your argument is null.

  31. Anyone whining about losing a ship in a PVP game is a moron.
    If all you want to do is mine, I can write a program for you that will let you all chat while you click buttons repeatedly to make a number go up.

    And I’ll be happy to charge you a monthly fee.

    Just think of the fun you could have!

  32. Remember:

    When my Macro Mining Hulk with T1 drones gets the ‘Final Blow’, I get 26 Battleclinic Points

    When you kill a Hulk you get 2 BattleClinic Points

    I have 40 Billion in ISK

    You have pennies

    My AFK Mining BattleClinic Stats display a kill rating of 99% awesome.

    Yours are pirate shit and barely 50% kills.

    It is perfectly obvious you have penus envy.

  33. [IMG][/IMG]

    not feel offended for not everyone can think like you

    this is my proposal for a new beginning, you are the strongest, most guys are idiots, you are most, and someone had to lead

    have fun

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