This about sums it up.

Big update post coming tomorrow btw (almost 600 exhumers right now!)

12 Responses to “This about sums it up.”

  1. JustaMiner Says:

    LOL yeah a lot of my fellow miners will react that way. Screw them…This is part of the game I don’t like that you guys are hunting me but I’ll adapt and deal with it.. Have fun.

  2. Oh the tears. And they aren’t from the miners complaining. They are from me pissing myself at that video…

  3. 😀

    The part about the Zephyrs sealed the comedy deal for me.

    Well done!

  4. Deathnite Says:

    Guys I must say one heck of a video. Still laughing about it. Good luck with the contest. Death to Macro Miners !!!!!

  5. Bloody awesome.

  6. ROFLMAO. I’m a miner girly (a real minority) and I think that this is great fun. Whilst all the butch miner boyz and their bots are hiding in the station, I’m out mining all their ore (aligned and ready to warp at the hint of danger cos I’m not stupid). Next you need to plan a Freightergeddon to cull the bulk carrier market…

  7. Hysterical! Just classic. That hitler video take never gets old.

    Helicity, are you avail for an interview for

  8. Locutus Lindsey Says:

    Great vid great vid….

  9. hehehe, that one is funny. well done.

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