Hulkageddon Update!

Hello again my comrades and foes!

Welcome to the Hulkageddon update! I just got up after some well-deserved sleep and am bringing you the latest from the frontlines!

At the time of this writing, 643 exhumers, 123 capsules and 108 barges have been destroyed!

This represents a value of approximately 134,6 BILLION ISK destroyed! Nice work!

Currently, the leaderboard for the top three prizes looks like this:

1)  HYDRA RELOADED  56 kills

2) Final Agony 54 kills

3) The United 52 kills

4) Wrath of Fenris 39 kills

5) Core Impulse 37 kills

6) The Bastards 34 kills.

Also a strong showing from several other corps lingering around the 25-30 mark and I’m especially pleased to report that all the poor orphaned gankers that joined the Hulkgeddon Orphanage are aquitting themselves very well at 26 kills

Note that the above only counts Exhumers, even though a great many barges and capsules have also been destroyed.

Enough with the numbers, now let us move on to pretty pictures!

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10 Responses to “Hulkageddon Update!”

  1. << 666th exhumer kill on the killboard

    Not ours unfortunatly! 😦

    Kudos to everyone involved!

  2. Considering the amount that this event was publicized and the fact that you’ve managed to catch… 665 miners unaware regardless, I really have no sympathy to anyone stupid enough to undock in a hulk this week.

  3. a docked hulk Says:

    lol@the russian attempting to smack in english

  4. wow wtf is the password the kb?

  5. 600 exhumers, heh. I wonder if Eve’s market analyst is freaking out yet?

    Too funny and I’m a damn miner!

  6. Will it get to 1000 exhumers??? Me thinks it will!!!

  7. Amazing job organizing this, Helicity. I think you may hit 1000 exhumers. Amazing.

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