A few hours later.

So, exhausted from typing into 23521 convo windows and channels, I went to sleep.

Then I woke up and went to see the killboard.  And what do Isee? 177 dead exhumers, 36 pods and 18 barges

An early winner seems to be LADY MAROON,  a goon in disguise who infiltrated a mining corp to gank a hulk using a noobship. Very clever! I haven’t checked all the kills before that point yet, but it would appear that Lady Maroon will be the happy winner of a proteus!

Which brings me to a good point: if you are doing an achievement, it would be nice if you left a comment here or evemailed me about it. Will make my life a little easier when sorting prizes later!

On the smack department, I received these two wonderful screenshots from Dalmont in Final Agony (who are currently in the lead):

incidentally, this guy sent me some hate too x)

A fine example of cruise control for cool.

AND, we got our first video of the event today as well!

Seems people are having a blast! Please keep sending me your smacktalk screenshots and your videos, which you can mail to:  Hulkageddon@gmail.com

Keep the fires burning!

-Helicity Boson

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8 Responses to “A few hours later.”

  1. Nice! How many did you guys get with that one?

  2. Bugger off my mining boat… you’ll never find it.

  3. In the video we got 8 mackinaws, 1 retriever, and 2 capsules

  4. I knew I was going to be very buzy this weekend so I started almost a week before and I would like to know if you want me to send you the kill mails? I got 2 orcas and a lot of ohter ships 🙂

  5. Is there some funny business going on here?


    These kills seem identical except for the time and SOME (but not all) of the parties involved…

  6. Mariokoli Says:

    Ouch; already killed thrice and podded once (all in one day). Not a good week for this pilot:


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