They have a website! This sh*t is real!

As expected, the tears are beginning to flow long before any shots are fired. There are warning messages on twitter, threads all over the eve-online forums, and generally…A LOT O CRYING.

In particular, direct your attention to this forum thread, which is filling me with no small amount of amusement:

Hopefully the now-forewarned miners will oh-so-unexpectedly “infiltrate” the public channel, and generally try to put up some resistance. This should weed out the least intelligent gankers in short order!

I can’t stop smiling personally, this sort of panic is entirely in line with my hopes and expectations!

Hopefully you will have to work a bit for your prizes boys and girls.

Fly reckless,



4 Responses to “They have a website! This sh*t is real!”

  1. FreeMiner Says:

    I can understand your enjoyment at the chaos and action you are causing. It’s just a pitty that you feel the need to show off like this and draw attention to yourself in such a negative way.

  2. you can come get me, if you can find me. One should never fly anything you cant replace a few times over,

  3. I was contacted by no less than 3 carebears in game asking if we were going to participate.

    muahahahhahaha fear is powerful

    • i can’t go anywhere in eve without people greeting me in local now :/

      and when i undock my hulkageddon jackpot alt from her station the hulks that are aligning in front of it all insta dock o.O

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