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Jackpot update: 200M isk

Posted in Hulkageddon II on December 27, 2009 by MACHINE9

Just a little update, the jackpot is now up to 200M isk!

Im sure we can do better than that, right? 😉

Send some iskies to: Hulkageddon Jackpot in game!

Poll: Your favorite implement of death!

Posted in Hulkageddon II on December 27, 2009 by MACHINE9

Hulkageddon II

Posted in Hulkageddon II on December 24, 2009 by MACHINE9


Helicity glanced out of the viewport of the gaudily decorated Gallente station she currently, and reluctantly,  called home. Being an outlaw meant being on the move constantly. Outside, life went on much as it always had, traders plied the spacelanes and far away, in the lawless reaches of space, the fires of war still burned.

After planning a large coordinated terrorist strike against the humble miners all over new Eden earlier that year, she had been on the run from the authorities and other, less-savoury, vengeance-seekers. But for all their efforts, the outcasts living on the outskirts of Empire space were still the black sheep of New Eden. Unheard, uncared for, and hunted without fear of repercussions by young capsuleers hoping to make a name for themselves.

Regular political means of trying to obtain a higher standard of living in low-security space had gone unheard, the power that be unflinching in their disdain for these interstellar ghettos.

With a snarl Helicity threw her glass of Kor-Azor brandy against the viewport.

“If they will not listen. Then they must feel instead” She growled as she turned on her console and went through her list of contacts.

Welcome to the Hulkageddon webpage!

After people had a lot of fun with the firt hulkageddon I have frequently been asked when the next one would be.

Well. soon.

Garmon (or El’tar) approached me for this same purpose and made me an offer I could not refuse; A massive monetary reward for the winning corporation in the next Hulkageddon (3 billion isk, to be exact). So the call went out on the EVE-O forums to alert pilots to the upcoming event, and to ask for more prizes!

The response has been somewhat overwhelming, with a whole bunch of ships and cash prizes being donated (and still rolling in!)

Behold our mighty prize list!

So, it is with no small amount of joy that I am now announcing to you, that Hulkageddon II will be a week-long event in january!  Specifically:

January 7th – January 14th

See how I made that all bold and red and stuff for the TL;DR crowd? Excellent.

Some minor changes to the formula this time then, the MAIN target in the event is Exhumer class vessels, that is Hulks and Mackinaws. These are the ONLY ships that count for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. However, there are EXTRA prizes for other categories of mining ships (retrievers, orcas) to be had for people who can perhaps not manage a team for ganking hulks, or prefer juicier prey.

There are a lot of prizes indeed, I will update the prize list page shortly, and I hope we will have a lot of participants this time around, and of course a lot of fun!

More details will be posted on this page as they become available.


-send me an in-game mail with the prize

-post your prize on the eve-online forums in this thread

-please note that I’m no longer taking additional “achievements” we have plenty, but 2nd and 3rd place need more prizes!

-if you just want to contribute some ISK as a prize, send it to the character “Hulkageddon Jackpotnowhere else

If you have any pressing questions, feel free to evemail me, but do allow for a little time for me to respond.


Helicity Boson