One week countdown.

Welcome once again!

In a little over a week, Hulkageddon II will commence!  By now (as you have doubtlessly learned) we have amassed a rather significant amount of prizes, somewhere in the 8-10 billion isk range in a variety of categories. I just have to add an armageddon and some small stuff to the prize list later today, but it’s essentially finished. At this point I would like to ask that you do not send in anymore physical prizes.

The Jackpot

There have been a few questions about this. The jackpot will be awarded to a random participant by means of a number drawn from a digital hat. I will probably have Chribba or some other public figure like mynxee do the drawing so there is no accusations of funny business. The Jackpot is currently just shy of 1.2 Billion isk!

If you want to sponsor Hulkageddon, please donate some isk to Hulkageddon Jackpot in game.

“But wasn’t the jackpot already over 1.2b helicity?”

Yes, yes it was! this brings me to the next point on my agenda:

Hulkageddon Orphanage
I have skimmed a few iskies off the jackpot to buy some skillbooks for the jackpot character and open up a corporation. Hulkageddon orphanage is a temporary corp where solo players or alts can apply to have some company during the event.

So, if you don’t have anyone to fly with, you might consider joining up here and hooking up with some other solo pilots. Unfortunately I will NOT have the time to hold your hand in there, so I’d ask that some of the more experienced players that join the orphanage help other members and coordinate their own strikes.

At the end of the event there will be a nice little surprise for the participating orphans (a collector’s item no less!)

Jackpot is still training a few skills, so I will not be accepting applications till the 6th of january.

If you would like to help with the orphanage or organize some gangs for the orphans please send an evemail to hulkageddon jackpot and I will get back to you.

The Hulkageddon guessing game!
Is still open, and hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves! Go to this thread and read the instructions and place your bets!

Misc. Tips
Even though you still have more than a week to go, I strongly recommend you begin preparations right away. Last time, the (then much more low-key) hulkageddon event bought out EVERY CATALYST IN JITA. So if you don’t want to end up without any ships to fly during the event, you might want to stock up now. If there is any builders reading this, feel free to use this thread to advertise your goods as well.

The in-game channel is open!
I have opened up the ingame channel, which is suprisingly named: “Hulkageddon II” today, so if you wanna hang out with the other holy warriors, feel free to join and chat at your leisure. This might also be a good place for the novice ganker to ask questions


23 Responses to “One week countdown.”

  1. Just another carebear =) Says:

    While I do respect your attempt of creating diversity and fun in EVE, I must admit I am somewhat concerned about some of the participants of this event.

    I sincerely hope that you all are aware of this being a game, with ficticious characters, roaming a virtual landscape?

    Comments on this board, such as those bragging off their real-life cruelties, bicycle thefts, and enjoying the greiving and crying of other players seriously leave me baffled – to the point where I would be offering professional assistance.

    There is a long way between the pleasure of seeing a killboard result, the winnings based on killing skills, and the achievement of something worthy of the news (such as this definitely is) -and- the uttered pleasure taken in seeing someone’s corp being ruined, someone emoquitting, someone being the victim of a grief-contest, and stating “This death and destruction really brings up the holiday spirit in me”

    While I do suggest you keep this event going, please do it only in spirit of the game, for the sake of fun, and for the addition of diversity to otherwise long and boring 0.0-stays and camps.

    Please enter this contest, clear of all nasty thoughts, pleasure taken in someone else’s grief, and enjoyment of destruction and harassment, but purely with fun and game-play in mind.

    I am a carebear corp manager, and I mine for the fun of it.
    I welcome this challenge, and I will also take this as an opportunity to show some ganking results during this week. I will post here the results of my hulk-slayer killings achieved in my gang of hulks, and we shall compare results – I put my money on a solid victory to the miners! 🙂

    But, in all honesty, I believe we will all have fun here, together or against each other – but there’s no need to get nasty about it.

    Good luck – the challenge stands 🙂

    • Just another carebear =) Says:

      Let me clarify : I meant that to BOTH sides of the table:

      PVPers and Carebears alike, this is a game, this is a sporting event, and in some thing we win, in other things we lose.

      Nobody should take this to a personal level.

  2. Just another carebear =) Says:

    Oh, I know 🙂

    I applaud you for your attempts at this, I think it’s great – really.

    Please notice that I wrote, and referred to “some of the participants of this event.”

    I wrote this mostly as an eye-opener for some of the people who have been leaving disturbing comments to your posts here.

  3. Miner/Missioner Says:

    When I started Eve no one warned me about gankers, and within 1 week of having a retriever, I went pop.

    Hulkageddon however doesn’t bother me, cos I detest (sorry) macro/afk miners. The concern I have is this: Is everyone gunning for macro/afk miners only or all Hulk pilots.
    The headline is Hulkageddon: don’t AFK mine.
    But whats to stop someone webbing or scrambling a pilot who isn’t afk.
    I’ve had this before, but luck was a corp mate helped out.

    Also is there anyway of getting involved without lossing security status? My Gallente status is quite high and don’t really want it to drop.

  4. Great event. Simply a ton of fun and you get to fight macro miners. Kudos! I will be sure to promote it on my blog.

  5. FreeMiner Says:

    I have serious doubts about this… I am a miner and I just don’t see…
    1. the fun of it
    2. the use of it
    3. sanction through CCP.

    You say it’s against macro and afk miners, but nowhere I can find rules or regulations about this hulk-shooting. How are true hulk miners warned about the coming of hunters? Or are you just neglecting the miners rights ‘for the sake of the shooting game’.

    My thoughts, let CCP deal with macro- and afk miners. It is not up to players to regulate people who break game-law. In real life this is called vigilantism and is against the law for good reason.

    For obvious reasons I don’t state my real game name, but I will be watching further reply’s with interest.

    • CCP’s sanctions this action by allowing us to activate hostile modules within High Sec.

      There shouldn’t be a “warning” for true Hulk pilots. You should have to take proactive measures to protect yourself. You seem to have this “CCP will protect me in High Sec” mentality which is utterly wrong. High Sec is not meant to be a land of candy and rainbows like you believe but rather a place which is more secure than Low Sec or 0.0.

      The use of it is quite obvious: it helps manufactures of mining barges and exhumers. The increased demand as those pilots have to buy a new ship increases prices and helps fill the pockets of industrialists. At the same time it helps miners: with show many mining operations disrupted of out right destroyed mineral prices will increase, if slightly.

      And what’s to say whats fun or not? We don’t see how mining is fun, yet we allow it, why is our style of play looked down upon?

  6. FreeMiner Says:

    At least I’m not shooting other people down and killing their fun in the game out of a lying pretence to ‘do it for the betterment of mankind’ or ‘to weed out AFK miners’…

    But still you are right on one point, something my corp has also pointed out to me. This is a sandbox game, and even though I would really like adult supervision on the kids who just can’t play nice with others, this is not in the game and so I’ll have to suffer (als with me all honest miners) or get out.
    It’s in the fineprint of the game and though I think it sucks the big one, apparently it shall be so because too little people are willing to take it to the board, warn CCP and take action like quitting the game if this is not immidiately stopped from their end.
    Alas, I love the game too much to do so myself, so blame no one that their not doing it either.

    As I said, it’s in the game, and I’ll be mission running to increase my refining stat untill this bull is over. But to any who have the balls
    to stand up for what they believe in, the freedom to mine in peace, I say Miners are mocked, ridiculed, highseccers are referred to as carebears like enjoying safe flying is a weakness, and enough is just frigging enough! Take up petition to CCP again this blatent dispespect of our fun in the game. Spam CCP and maybe we will get their ear.

    To my opinion this Hulkageddon is a sad sad affair, when the bully’s of the playground are allowed to take over the sandbox.
    If people would know better than to think any act of war (even in sandbox) is fun, the world would be a much better place. CCP should be ashamed for letting this happen and encouraging warplay.

    Yes, I am a dreamer and it is what I wish to be. Who are you to destroy what I enjoy, just for your own fun at destruction.
    My credo will stay and always be: do as ye will, harm no one and I will always believe it is a hell of a lot better than that of anyone who makebelieve they are ‘king of the mountain’.

    • you are not playing the game you think you are playing. it’s CCPs -vision- that it should never be completely safe -anywhere- in eve.

      if you don’t like that, you need to not play it. That is how eve is designed to function, and it is why many people actually like it better than other MMOs.

      If that does not mesh with what -you- like in your games, that is of course completely up to you, but i can tell you for a FACT that it will never change.

    • You completely ignore what I said obviously. It’s sad really. You may have learned something if you took the time to read what I wrote maybe you wouldn’t have looked so ignorant.

      CCP condones everything we do. High Sec is NOT 100% safe. You need to understand that. It is a place of RELATIVE safety.

      Miners are mocked because they have this mentality that they are entitled to safety. Everything that they get they believe should be handed to them. Living in High Sec is not a sign of weakness. Complaining when everything doesn’t go your way is though. Tough it up, adapt and then you survive.

      The reason miners are attacked is because they are easy prey. Miners don’t try and make themselves hard targets and are fueled purely by greed. As long as your attitude is alive miners will never be safe.

      Unlike miners, pirates have learned to adapt and will continue to adapt.

      There was a time when warp to zero did not exist. Piracy didn’t die when it was introduced. CONCORD was received NUMEROUS buffs and still pirates find a way to survive.

      Guess what? EVE is not a PVE game it is meant to be a PVP game through and through. When you sell your minerals you engage in market PVP. If you create a sell order you have engaged in PVP.

      You are harming everyone in this game when you go out there and mine. How? You have taken away minerals from some other miner. You have taken profits from some other trader. It’s time to realize that you are not some isolated island seperated from everyone else. Your actions have effects in this game.

      Embrace it. Accept it or quit this game. Either way EVE will be better.

    • Just another carebear =) Says:

      While I share some of your thoughts, you are forgetting something very vital to the actions of these PVP’ers : They attack, and they get killed for it. They just use small cheap ships, and come in flocks.

      These pvp’ers don’t win, they lose, but they thrive on your whining, moaning, and groaning. As long as you whine, they have yet another reason to keep doing this. It’s a little sick, I know, but – that’s life.

      They say “CCP condones this…” but don’t let that trick you, they haven’t received any blessings from CCP to do this, but CCP has put in effect several protection systems (Concord) which works – Concord kills them for attacking you – but their goal is to deal enough damage to you before they are all dead, that you die too.

      As they (the pvp’ers) say, adapt, learn the game, and remember – you are never ever safe anywhere, only some places a little safer than other places. Just like in real life – you can sit in a police station, surrounded by 100 cops, and feel pretty safe – but it IS possible for a lunatic to go in, and shoot you in the head – He will sure die for it, but you got killed, which was his goal.

      Now, to the pvp’ers out there, with bloodthirst – This is the game, go ahead, play it, follow through, kill and die, but keep it in the game, and remember that there are people at the other end of the grief campaign – I would wish you didn’t have the “griefer contest” which is, I am sorry, just plain sick.

      And finally, please don’t come back and whine about getting slaughtered by armies of Hulks, since that is your first reason for doing this, according to the main thread about the event =)

  7. FreeMiner Says:

    I believe CCP should clean house and put an end to this illegal wardec, for that is just what it is. If CCP allows this or even is their doing to give the market a jolt, I think their wrong.
    I am entitled to my opinion and my voice to speak it just as you are to yours.

    In the end it is for CCP to decide what kind of game they wish to run, a game that promotes warlike behaviour and teaches nothing or stands against it for moral reasons.
    But if no one speaks out that this is wrong, the voice will not be heard.
    I believe it is called a ‘sandbox’ for a reason. It is to teach kiddies to learn to play nice and respect one another, not to act out in, for the latter teaches them only that violence is good and acceptable as behaviour.

    CCP has a moral responsibility not to condone this.

    • you have every right to your opinion, Im just telling you what CCPs stance on it is. they have no moral obligation to do anything. They can make the game and run it however they please. whether or not you agree with that is pretty much completely irrelevant.

  8. FreeMiner Says:

    I feel they have, you feel they don’t. Nothing more is to be said, but for that either voice is as much relevent as the other.

    • No it isn’t. Your “voice” is the voice of oppression. You believe in your twisted little reality that your game style is the only one that is “good.” Well it isn’t. Get it through your head.

  9. FreeMiner Says:

    By your comments you seem to think that I am rightfully oppressed… now who is twisted in mind here. Don’t try to push your morals upon me Kyle. Agression and intimidation is not the answer to any problem and will always loose. Check your history books for proof.

  10. FreeMiner Says:

    Nope, still smiling and still resolved in my opinion that CCP should act upon this, preferably by banning anyone taking it into their head to shoot at unarmed mining vessels during this so called ‘Hulkageddon’ and forever after that.
    In their own simulated world they have the power to right a major wrong that is going on in our real world. A tool like this should be used for teaching, not for rampant distruction just for the fun of it.

  11. Just another carebear =) Says:

    FreeMiner, please stop whining, you are an embarrassment to the rest of the mining/carebear society in EVE.

    I don’t know from where you got the impression that the game is meant to teach kids to play nice – if you have ANY history in online gaming, you know that pvp is what keeps games running, interesting, and addictive.

    I suggest you do as I : Fit a Hulk for pvp (it’s got a pretty strong tank, and tons of cap) – and if you are a serious miner, you can afford to lose a few – and have fun! This is your opportunity to do some legal condoned pvp in hi sec space, for a while. Let me list the opportunities you have:

    Not log in at all
    – This is not much fun, but can be good for your health and relationships 🙂
    Stay in a station
    – Definitely only fun for market traders, maybe try it?
    Mine as usual
    – Same old, with a slight (ultra-small) risk of getting ganked.
    PVP-fit a Hulk
    – Now you are taking the fun path!
    Gang up with miners in your favorite combat ship
    – As soon as they are attacked, you can retaliate! And, destroyers can’t take much damage – You can even sit there, cloaked, and surprize them!
    Join them in the craziness
    – Well, obviously I hope you wouldn’t, but it IS a possibility, look at it this way, as a miner, you know where the macro-miners flock around.
    Finally, you can whine
    – Embarrass yourself, and every other true warm-hearted carebear out there, and fuel the Hulkageddon’s morale for this event.

    Don’t say they leave you with no choices, there are many (How many of these did you even consider before whining here?)

  12. Miner/Missioner Says:

    “Guess what? EVE is not a PVE game it is meant to be a PVP game through and through.”
    WRONG !

    Quote “Players can play the game as a simple space trader or endeavor to control the largest, most powerful company in the universe. We provide the rules and tools, but it is the players themselves who create the adventures.”

    No where on this page does it state that Eve is a PVP game through and through.

  13. Miner/Missioner Says:

    I’m a miner and mission runner, most of the time I’m mission running and with all the mission agents in Eve. Well its PvE. To me the PvP side is Players choice. No pilot in Eve is forced to PvP, unlike other mmo’s I’ve played.
    And this is a choice I like from CCP. Hence the reason I’m still Playing.

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