Hulkageddon Guessing Game

Our Dear Friend Shigsy has decided to run a fun little side contest next to Hulkageddon.

5m entry fee.

Send isk to KAYSAI with the amount of hulks you think will die as the reason of the isk transfer.

Winner takes all, winner will be closest to the actual amount of Hulks destroyed.

Shigsy is willing to give api details to someone to audit at the end if there is any doubt he picked the right person.  You can enter as many times as you like!

Shigsy will update us from time to time with the current prize pot!

4 Responses to “Hulkageddon Guessing Game”

  1. […] all for killing the most mining ships in Empire space.  You can even send in your guess as to how many Hulks you think will die in Hulkageddon […]

  2. What do you do if 2 or more people have guessed the right number?

  3. # of hulks only or # of hulks and macks?

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