I thought that was that..

But no, our humble self-professed ” nuns ” that claim to want to expound the virtues of love and tolerance through gaming (yet call people that do not play in a way they like nazis and then close all venues of debate and turn to the mind-set of an angry 4 year old) have posted the ugly fucking mug of the offensive sister on a wanted poster \o/

This is a cool and edgy thing to do, it says ” look at us, we are having the last laugh hah hah hah!”. or so they think.

In reality, 1500 people have now visited the previous post and laughed at these hypocritical failures that are too scared of the obvious fallout to their unacceptable behaviour and biggotry to keep comments open on their blog (no doubt followed by literally…err…DUOS of their most loyal fans).

Keep at it sisters, the Lord God loves a good hypocrit!


4 Responses to “I thought that was that..”

  1. im off….hope her blog is still online when i log on tomorrow -_-

  2. Ahaha, silly nuns..

    Too bad the “admin” came in and ruined it.. so he thinks hulkageddon is done by disgruntled players?

    I´ve heard Heli talk alot, he is pretty cheerful I tell ya!

  3. This is pretty laughable. It’s a shame she doesn’t have an active account, but I guess it proved to be too challenging for her. Oh well, It’s good for the lulz. Glad to see the tears 🙂

  4. anyone who calls themselves a “nun” in the same sentence with gaming obviously has some kind of serious mental issue they should be dealing with professionally. That just ain’t right…

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